I gratefully acknowledge the many visitors to my site since the airing of my segment on The Moore Show! Even more gratefully, I thank those of you who have chosen to partake a Joshua session. Recently, a lovely woman in Austria wrote the following:

Dear Zintis,

Yes, I enjoyed the session very much.

I guess Joshua or some other guides were there with me too, because it was hard to stay on the conscious level, some energy was pulling me in, too. That’s why I struggled when I needed to speak and ask questions. I was in and out of trance.

There was also a breeze sometimes that touched my face. (All windows closed.) After the session it took me some time to get back completely, which was funny, because it was you actually doing the channeling. I believe Joshua or other guides were energetically connecting with me and conveying the information on multiple levels.

Joshua answered many things that I was about to ask, as if he was reading my mind. He also said things that I haven’t mentioned to anyone but my husband. So it was sometimes shocking to hear those things.

After the session I realized that what I needed the most was validation that the information that I’m receiving and the experiences are real. And Joshua, as if he knew that my greatest issue was the struggle with doubt and trust in my abilities, not just gave assurance, but he wove information into his answers that matched my “wild” psychic experiences completely. He told things he otherwise couldn’t have known, only if the information came from the same source. He confirmed the information absolutely.

I wrote down my questions (thank God, otherwise it would have been even harder to collect my thoughts and ask!) and I wanted to focus on my financial struggles. From the first minutes Joshua’s energy made me feel that there was no need to worry. I even caught myself wondering slightly why I found those questions so important. I felt that there were other, much more relevant things, like the question of how I can unfold those abilities even further. It was as if my energy wanted to take the conversation in its own hands, bypassing the logical brain, which tried to meticulously go through the questions and stick to the plan.

Amazing and funny experience!

As a person with psychic abilities, I was careful who I ask for help. There are many mediums, psychics and channelers out there who mean good but their energy is not clear enough and so the information gets ‘distorted’ or is filtered in a wrong way. With you I felt comfortable right away. Even though you and Joshua are not in the spotlight, your work is very pure and clear, and rarely have I seen such an authentic team.

Thank you very much for your precious help, Zintis!