I would like to share some text from my upcoming book about how the channeling process sometimes runs into a momentary glitch:

Joshua: “When you are channeling, the outside energy will depend on vocabulary stored within you. They might construe concepts of which you have no information, but never-the-less it will always be using whatever words are available in your brain’s data bank. Remember, you are transcribing energy into thoughts and words. It is possible that on occasion, something will have difficulty getting expressed. There is no need for alarm if that occurs, it might feel as though the connection suddenly breaks, but it has simply hit a little stumbling block and normally resumes momentarily.”

Every so often, this happens when I’m channeling Joshua. Sometimes it’s preceded by an almost sense of vertigo, the incoming information has pushed so far ahead of the words coming from my mouth. I will stumble over a word, or even be missing one, and momentarily my awareness will rush back into the situation. This generally causes me to panic, as I have no clear idea of what has happened. However, in every such instance, the connection regains equilibrium and continues as though nothing has happened and I might or might not recollect the moment afterward.

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