The Channeling Library

Welcome to the Channeling Library, where you will find quite a few pieces of writing, and expectantly an increasingly larger number of audio and eventually video files. I realize that perhaps I’m slow to move into the modern times, but my own personal preference is to read something because then I can take my time, retrace the steps and more easily immerse myself into the words.

Over the years Joshua has generated thousands of hours of recordings, the vast majority of which are in the context of private sessions, are sent to the client and eventually disposed of. As I’ve told everyone, conversations between Joshua and someone else are private and unless I’m specifically told or asked to listen to some portion, I never do.


Sometimes Joshua has been asked questions about various subjects that are of interest to all, perhaps in response to a global event, or touching on universal issues like relationships, karma, disease and dying, communicating with animals and so forth, the publication date doesn’t affect the content. An astute reader will notice that there have been periods when I haven’t posted much. Honestly, transcribing the sessions is a lot of work. For those of you have heard Joshua, you’ll know that he speaks in a run-together manner. The transcribing programs I have create an immense jumble of words and letters, so they’re pretty well useless. I’ve now discovered that it’s easiest to use two computers, one to play the recording the other to write on.

Within the archives you’ll also find my articles and Joshua channeling that’s been printed in the Sedona Journal of Emergence, a publication devoted entirely to channeled materials.


Joshua and I will be building an audio library of his wisdom. Hearing him speak the words gives a whole other dimension to what is being said. Bear with me, technical prowess of mechanical things such as recorders, computer programs and the like simply aren’t my forte and it’s taking me time to figure out logistics. Additional files will be added periodically.


The first video that’s been posted is Episode 11 of the Kevin Moore Show “They Call us Channelers” broadcast on November 4, 2019, featuring an interview with me and a lengthy channeling by Joshua. It’s my intention to create a You Tube channel with regular Joshua broadcasts. However, as you can imagine, if audio recordings are a challenge, then video recordings are like leaping into the void! Keep watching here for links to upcoming video broadcasts of Joshua.