Greetings, Friends!

Many of you reading this are greatly troubled by the results of the national elections that were recently held in the United States. We’ve been asked by the channel to provide some insights and perhaps some comfort around this situation.

It is true that the actions of only a few thousand people might well have permanently altered the direction and perhaps even duration of your civilization, however even most of you have been wanting and anticipating change. The challenge is that the form of change isn’t always what has been expected or even desired. Never-the-less, it is prudent to remember that there exists great fluidity upon your earth, to the point that anyone claiming to know what the future holds for mankind is generally speaking irresponsibly, your current events do not follow any historical patterns.

For those who are dismayed by what appears to be the direction in which the government of the United States is heading, we would encourage you more than ever to go inwardly, to meditate, to receive guidance from guides and other beings who have a broader picture of the situation at any given time. As we have said before, it is wise to unplug from media sources which pretend to broadcast news, as social and other manipulation has never been higher in your country. And, although it might be of little comfort, always keep the knowledge that you are spiritual beings experiencing human lives, close by. The purpose of human lives is to collect experiences. Some are pleasant, others are not. Generally what is of interest to the soul, is how a person has reacted to various situations, whether it was through love or through fear. This is a great opportunity to grow spiritually, and also, sadly, to sink into the temptation of ethical morass. The choice is yours, and yours alone.

Naturally, the human mind is always wanting to know beforehand what to expect, how things will turn out. To this we must respond that the script truly has not yet been written. Remember, however, that you are not alone, there are billions of other people who think along the lines that you do, and even if it is painful, perhaps this is a good time to re-examine relationships and cultivate those which are of the light and inclusive. Search out those who can support you, while offer your own assistance whenever and wherever possible. An instinctual tendency might be to hide, to lock the doors and windows, but we would tell you that it is much better and far easier to be in community with others. There truly is strength in numbers.

Another idea that we would like to offer is that rather than anger and loathing, this would be an excellent time to send love vibrations to those who have made egocentric and harmful choices, starting with the man who has been elected as your next leader. While many of you would find this suggestion difficult to accommodate, it truly is for your own good and growth, perhaps even more than for anyone else. You will raise your own vibrations and ultimately provide the ground for accelerated spiritual advancement.

We wish you strength and peace in your journeys.