The Channeling Process

Zintis is a light trance channel, therefore retains little memory of the channeling sessions. As he explains it, it’s as if he were hearing a radio transmission from a distance, as the words are spoken he has a momentary connection with them, but quickly forgets what has been said, since his brain is not actively engaged in listening to the broadcast.

Joshua,” “Vuhl” and any other beings of light whose energies are compatible with Zintis’ energy field, bring a wholly different perspective to any situation. One client has referred to it as an easy way to “think outside the box.” Besides possessing an awareness of personal and global situations not readily available to most humans, these teachers and guides also exhibit tremendous compassion and love, as well as an occasional sense of terrific humor.

Zintis is a channel, not a medium. He brings through information from trusted sources, normally entities with whom he has worked in the past. Although information about specific deceased people might be available, he does not channel these people directly.

Most clients are interested in obtaining specific answers to very personal questions involving health, relationships, jobs and such, but Joshua rarely provides a fortune telling service, rather their answers are normally in the context of the person’s entire life situation, sometimes also involving other lifetimes.  Besides personal questions, he also clarifies and teaches about philosophical issues, world situations as well as “other worldly” questions.