Here is what a few clients have said:

When Zintis channeled ‘Joshua’ I was astounded by the ease with which I could discuss my concerns and by the clarity of the answers. Most of what I wanted to know was anticipated and expounded upon by Joshua so I have to say that I was, and continue to be, very pleased with my session. The recording of the interchange is very helpful as it keeps on yielding more information on subsequent listenings. If you have the curiosity, I recommend you have a channeling session with Zintis and Joshua – it can be an experience of wonder and self discovery.

-JK, New York

Just as I was facing some major life-choices my session with Zintis/Joshua was so clarifying. Joshua addressed my questions in both a big-picture and a practical kind of way. I left the session exhilarated and confident I was headed in the right direction, and the lessons learned from my session have been a catalyst for some really positive action on my part. I highly recommend Zintis–he’s terrific.

-JW, Washington, DC

Zintis enables you to witness at first hand the profound wisdom and insight of Joshua. They answer your questions and concerns with a very practical approach. They explain things with a simplicity supported with eternal wisdom and vision. If you have yearned to experience a bridge between our dimensions, let Zintis and his guides to show you the way.

—F. Massaro, Cochecton, NY

 Joshua had an immediate ability to put any size problem in perspective. The session helped me with my current relationships, and with past issues that tend to plague me and hinder my progress. Joshua offered a kind and gentle hand, and the strength I needed in that moment. I look forward to speaking with him farther down my path.

—-SR, Brooklyn

Zintis began our session with an explanation of what to expect from Joshua. What I received was much more. Joshua’s insights provided clarity where there had been uncertainty, confusion and fear. I left the session with a better understanding of my life thus far and the decisions facing me for my future.

– L.B.

. . . I was told that I had an unusual brain that did not think like other people and that this was both something that made me special but also created some hurdles because what works for others may not work for me. This was in some ways the most illuminating thing I have ever been told about myself and it felt like I was finally told the “answer” or key to my being.


The session with Zintis/Joshua was amazing, insightful and everything that I had hoped for, and knew that I would experience, and then some.   The spoken words were clear, felt truly accurate, and the energy filling the room was indescribably beautiful.  The session was exciting, thought provoking and completely tranquil all at the same time.  I have already recommended sessions to friends and loved ones and  I would encourage everyone to enjoy and gain this fabulous insight and guidance for yourself.   

-T.D., NYC

I found Joshua’s insights about me useful for understanding some of the directions my life has taken, and for things I need to focus on, and others I don’t need to worry about. I am a bit of a sceptic, but I trust Zintis, and know he does not know enough about me to have made all those observations himself, so I will admit some other force was at play, and I found it useful.

—M.B. Michigan

I and my sister took a few channeling sessions and indeed enjoyed listening to Joshua. It is always a new and fresh, non-physical perspective on a matter. Highly recommended.

—Valery, Moscow, Russia

Although I wasn’t sure what to expect, my first channeling experience with Zintis was very clarifying. The spirit, Joshua, made complete sense in responding to questions asked regarding spiritual, philosophical, and environmental issues. Like good research, it left me with a better understanding of the issues, while generating new questions and queries. It was a powerful experience.


I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Joshua. He is charming and sweet and it was a great experience to move to another level with Zintis. I highly recommend a channeling session and would go into this with a very open mind.