We bring to you a sense of peace in this time that is very troubled upon your world.  For there are many different aspect of your society that are currently being challenged in various ways and we urge you, as always, to retain your sense of peace and your sense of balance, to find beauty in all that is around you.  We will tell you now that there is nothing for you personally to fear, nothing for you to be concerned about.  We do not say that lightly, there are people upon your world who are getting sick, even dying of this new situation, this new virus that is floating around.  But, nevertheless, what is causing far more trouble for your society is the incredible panic that we are witnessing, that people are following misinformation and perhaps spreading misinformation and all of that is unsettling to say the least, and in many cases it creates tremendous anxiety and stress which in and of itself can create disease and very unpleasant physical experiences.

Now we will tell you something that perhaps you can share, it is not just a simple virus that is creating the situation upon your world, you see, on some level it is a spiritual experience.  We say that because what it is doing is awakening various aspects of humanity that have been dormant, which is bringing out a level of darkness, it is exposing it.  In that sense it is a bit of an awakening for countries, for societies because also it is exposing misinformation that certain governments are offering the world.  It is exposing various different manipulations, particularly in capitalistic societies and also totalitarian societies.  There are many upon your world who struggle to survive and something like this is enough to tip the balance so that there can be an uprising, can be a push against the authorities.  We understand that this is perhaps difficult to witness and particularly to those who have become addicted to the misinformation and perhaps even are spreading rumors, we urge them to listen to what their heart has to tell them.  Perhaps they are in a situation of isolation, this would be an excellent time to focus inward, to connect with their inner awareness.  While most of human society is not ready to accept these types of words, we certainly hope that there are individuals who will hear what we are saying and who will understand on a deep level, on a spiritual soul level, or from the heart what we are referring to.  As with everything, this is an opportunity for growth, it is an opportunity to move past where one has been into something different, perhaps something better, a place that is perhaps more enlightened in a way.

We encourage you to tell those around you that there truly is no reason to panic.  This is something that will run its course.  We do not say that it will happen immediately, and we do not say that there will not be global manifestations of upheaval of certain types of change that come as a result of this tiny little virus.  You see how interesting it is that something that is so microscopic in size can create such a big wave upon your world.  And even so, it is the wisdom of your own souls collectively, the souls of the human civilization that have come together on some level and made arrangements for this to happen.  For it is something that was required, an impetus to move people into a different and better direction.

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But you see, you are protecting yourself by being a natural person, by respecting the mother earth, by respecting animals, respecting plants, respecting and loving yourself most of all, you create a resistance that is very strong.  The virus also – we will become a little philosophical here – viruses in and of themselves have an intelligence. It is not that every single cell of the virus has intelligence, but as a unit, as a compound that is now many fold all over the world, it still retains a connection with itself in all forms and it also does have an intelligence.  And what we said before that on some level this was orchestrated by the souls of people living upon earth for it is a necessary element to shift society, to shift awareness and so it was decided that it would be this type of a situation so that it can transcend all countries of the world, so that it does not only affect a single nationality. 

The panic that other people have, that is theirs. Find your center, your place of peace.

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Go with the Flow!  It does not make any sense at all to try to push against the flow, to try to put energy in a direction that it does not wish to go.  And when you truly can embrace that, if you feel that the current situation upon your world is perhaps a challenge to you personally, try to simply embrace it, simply say “yes”, this virus is all around and it is doing what it must do.  It is perhaps fulfilling its own purpose, you see the virus has gained a purpose in its existence, and as it fulfills that, you simply adjust to it, you flow with it, you allow it to be.  It does not need to get in your way and you do not need to get in its way.  That is how you train yourself, and as you do that, as you choose to do that, it is not only faith, it is trust, trusting that what seems to feel correct, that what feels right, is the correct way to go.