Greetings, Friend!

It is with joy that we meet again upon your world and it is with joy that we can share with you the spring-time of your world, and as you have just mentioned to the channel it is indeed a very special spring-time.  As you know, the spring is when the earth rejuvenates and regenerates, begins its growth cycle once again.  This year it is particularly intense, for not only are the normal cycles being reignited being reinvented again, the cycles of the plants and animals, but there is also a cleansing that is occurring, that of your world, the earth.  It remains to be seen for what length of time this can happen, but you must understand,  you already do, that even for a length of time that is somewhat shorter in duration, perhaps a matter of weeks or months, without the excessive pollution, without the excessive noise and light, without all of the man-made interferences upon your world, the animals, the plants all that is living can take a deep breath, can become more content on some level.  At the same time can become more fertile, can become more healthy.  All of these are benefits that are occurring on many parts of your world.

Doubtless you have seen photographs where suddenly mountains that have been shrouded in pollution and smog for many years are visible again, where rivers are running cleanly.  All of that is a cleansing of your world.

How does that affect human kind?  Humans for the most part are unhappy that they have been shut into their houses, perhaps are very worried that they cannot earn any money.  But, the current situation also sends a signal into the human species, sends the signal that perhaps things have gotten out of hand, that perhaps it’s time to refocus priorities, and perhaps this can be done by reconnecting with the earth.  What most humans do not realize is that it is only through the grace of the earth that you can all exist, that you can all live, for the earth feeds you, the earth clothes you, the earth protects you.  There is no other place, there is no other way, without the earth you would not exist.  And yet billions of people no longer understand that connection.  In some cases it is that they almost have no choice, they live in mega cities where they perhaps see nothing natural their entire lives, they only see pavement and smog and pollution and some little bit of food that they can scrounge somewhere.  It is not a happy existence, we understand that, but never-the-less to be human, to be born into human form is considered such a great gift that souls accept even those lifetimes, even those miserable conditions, to experience the three dimensional joy of having physical senses.

But in your case, in the case of the channel, in the case of many who have the ability and the opportunity to connect with the earth, it is a time of true rejuvenation and regeneration, and not only a physical level, but also on a spiritual level.  As you can connect with your nurturing mother, the earth, you can also increase your own spiritual awareness, not only toward her, shall we say downward, but also upward and outward so that growth can occur.  It is natural growth for the human to expand spiritually, but in normal times many, many humans do not even consider that.  They are too preoccupied with their daily lives, of making money and caring for their families and otherwise being busy, busy, busy.  But to be in this time when one can step back from that, in many cases when one is forced to step back, then indeed it is the opportunity to make different connections, physical and spiritual.

Question:  (Abridged)  In February I asked you about the virus and you said not to worry, it was thousands of miles away, but shortly thereafter it was everywhere.  Did you not know that the virus would spread all over the world?  It seems that you said that the human soul collectively had decided to create this situation.

Indeed, the first time it was somewhat unclear…  we will step back slightly, we will explain to you how we can view your earth and how we can view projections and even predictions.  What we sense is a particular pattern that is emerging, it can be energetic, it can be physical or even emotional.  Those patterns that emerge then sometimes take on a life of their own.  Those are probabilities.   At the time when we first spoke the virus was far away, but it was starting to circulate.  However, at that time it wasn’t clear to us that the human species would indeed embrace this situation as what we would call your “wake up call”, the opportunity for growth and change.  There are many such opportunities that have potential, but then they fizzle out, they never reach their full potential, for whatever reason.  Generally, because not enough humans on an energetic, sub-conscious level, decide that a situation is appropriate to create the desired effect.  There is great deal of energy when billions of people collectively (sub-consciously) decide to attempt something.

In the case of this virus, it was decided that it would become prevalent everywhere, that it would travel very rapidly to all parts of your world, and so it has.  Then what occurs is that it is the potential for change for every single individual.  At this point and time, many humans have been exposed on some level to the virus, it has permeated your societies.  It is everywhere.  Not all people are getting sick, sometimes the “dosage” is not high enough.  You encounter one atom of the virus or one particular particle, and that does not mean that you will become ill, it simply means that it becomes part of who you are, it becomes incorporated within you and all of those around you, all human beings.  Then it becomes part of your make-up.  There are many viruses, many bacteria that live within the human bodies.  They have become symbiotic in various systems within your bodies, also upon your skin. 

There is also the cleansing that is more difficult to accept, the cleansing that involves death and dying.  The cleansing that involves the illness, the suffering, the anguish, the anxiety.  Those are triggering in various people around the world, in some more than others.  Particularly when life has been desperate, very little food, very little of anything.  For people whose life if very first chakra based, very much about survival and not much else.

There are many within your more advanced societies who have shifted away from a spiritual base, who have become engrossed with the material pursuits, who have become engulfed in mundane daily concerns.  For them this all is the opportunity to shift from that pattern into a different one.  Unfortunately for most humans, they do not know how to do that, other than perhaps an organized religion which for many does not feel comfortable, they do not know where to turn.  This is the opportunity also for those like yourself who have a spiritual base, for the channel, for many, many others to show possibilities, to show different ways and paths.

Now back to your question, in that first conversation it was unclear to us that in fact it would manifest the way that it has.  Now we can clearly determine what is occurring, for it is no longer a probability or possibility, now it is a three-dimensional reality.  What we are also able to do is to perceive beyond the three-dimensional reality, into the spiritual realities, the other dimensional realities, the reality of the earth and the animals and the plants, which is three dimensional but also other dimensional.  Those beings (and plants) that are still natural, still “wild” as you would say, they retain a different sense of reality through their connection with the earth, their own cycles, their own ability to express joy and growth, those have nothing to do with the human condition.  That is where it is prudent to place your attention, to see how that aspect of your world is thriving, to observe, to learn from that, how humans can reclaim that energy.  How humans can step back into their roots, their more natural way of being.