The channeling below has been submitted to the Sedona Journal of Emergence for the 2021 Predictions issue.

Greetings Friends!

We join you today to discuss matters that are occurring upon your world, on your earth.  As we observe from the outside, we see swirling energies, chaotic energies, energies that interfere with the predictive nature of information that is being asked of us, for the outcomes are uncertain.  For that reason, we will focus on what each of you can be doing for yourselves, your communities during this historical time within your society.

We see quite clearly that many will instinctively, intuitively be engaging in the activities that we are describing.

Let us examine how you can find a place of calm, a place of peace, of joy even, as you move forward on your individual paths, as you try to negotiate the larger currents that are buffeting you.

First, we would like to say that the best course at this time would be to connect with nature, to connect with the earth, to join with natural elements, plants, animals, even the stars, the sun, that clouds, anything that is a natural manifestation.  For those of you with houses, yards, gardens it is quite simple, you can spend time outside.  But not only being outside, but being there with intention, communing with the earth, your surroundings and allowing yourselves to become immersed in these energies, those healing energies, those calming energies, for indeed they are.  You are constituted of them, your make up is the same as that of the earth and all its different components, be they minerals, water, even non-physical energy.  If you can make this connection, we find that would be greatly beneficial for you.

The more physical the connection, the more powerful it will prove, so if you can, sit on a rock, or stand barefoot on the earth, touch a tree, hold a crystal.

For those of you who perhaps do not have the opportunity or option to spend as much time in a convenient place outside of homes, outside of buildings, away from streets and very urban environments, we would remind you that no matter where you are, you are still connected with the earth beneath you, also with the sky, the wind, the sun.  At night perhaps you are able to view some stars, or certainly the moon.  Those are all natural elements that can bring you that level of peace and comfort, and although it might be a little more difficult, perhaps more challenging to find the time and the place to make these connections, we urge you to do so.

Many people upon your world are currently instinctively turning to these energies, the earth, the natural elements, as they sense that this can be their anchor, perhaps one of the few options that are available to ground themselves, to center themselves.

As you do this, you will notice that there is an expansion of your spirit, there is an expansion of yourself.  No longer are you and your family alone struggling with whatever is affecting you at that moment, you have a greater support, you have a greater purpose.

As you realize and actualize these connections, you can spread that energy to those around you, those who perhaps are not aware of this possibility.  Those who on some level are still in the dark of the options available to them.  As these energies spread from you, you will create ripples of calmness, waves of serenity within your surroundings.

The other aspect that is available to you is to go inwardly, go into meditative state.  Perhaps with purpose, not simply asking to receive whatever is best for you, but to actually ask for peace, ask for comfort, ask for information that would assist you in moving forward.

Those like Joshua, who are offering assistance to humanity at this time, will gladly take action to offer guidance, to offer intuitive information.  Depending on a person’s perceptive skills, they may perceive very clearly certain words, specific information.  Or they might get certain feelings, thoughts, but all of these will be helpful.

As you move forward collectively, it will become easier and easier to shift the energies from the chaotic ones that are now surrounding you, to ones that are of purpose, are of peace, of light.  As you do that, as a group, as a species, you will realize that there is much more that can be achieved working together, working not only as individuals and families, but as communities, as nations.  Then there will be the true potential for growth and expansion, for the benefit of all mankind.

With these words we leave you for now, and bid you good-day.