Vuhl is a combination crytaline and biological being from the planet Ezhukme, located “in the galactic center”. They have no gender, but can, when required, create clones of themselves, which grow in a pouch specifically created for this purpose. In general, they seem to have the ability to make alterations to their bodies at will. (“On our planet we are quite short, but can become taller as we would, as I would if I actually am able to come to earth in person.”)

Their biological bodies have crystals as a guiding structure, apparently similar to earth being endocrine systems (glands). Although mostly in biological form, they do occasionally revert to a purely crystalline form, as a “hibernation period”, or during space travel. Although they are theoretically able to live indefinitely, they generally limit their lifespans. Vuhl says that he has lived the equivalent of about 800 earth years.

The planet Ezhukme is much smaller than earth and revolves around an ancient star with reduced light/heat. The planet is continually enshrouded in a layer of thick gases (clouds) to maintain comfortable conditions for the Ezhuk people (Vuhl’s race) and animals. There is a “sister planet”, Zhigik’, about which we don’t yet know anything. Everything on the planet is connected (“on some level clones of planetary aspects”), the animals, the plants, the buildings, all materials as well as the food source all derive from the same crystalline-like source(s). Even the spacecraft that Vuhl currently occupies is constructed from the same elements, although there are “modifications and enhancements”.

Vuhl’s physical appearance is apparently such that earth humans might consider him/her “cute”. “A rather squashed face, I have two eyes, a nose and mouth, but my lips are of a harder substance, rather like your fingernails. We do not have external ears but can manifest appendages for a more pleasing appearance.” They have two arms, two legs and a tail. They’re covered in a feather-like fur (?) whose color they can change readily. Vuhl has said that on some level the earth’s animals most resembling them would be frogs or toads as well as birds (kind of a hybrid version.)

They can shift certain aspects of their biological bodies almost instantly (“within about one day”), but the change from biological to total crystalline or back takes about one earth year.

The Ezhuk people mostly communicate telepathically, but they have a spoken language that’s used in certain situations (however, limitations to their vocal cords, voice box, lips, etc. limit the types of sounds that they make). Apparently, this telepathic communication also takes place with other sentient races on different planets and is how I (Zintis) am being contacted. The transmission is in “universal symbols” (that mean nothing to me) and my subconscious mind changes them into English. Vuhl is also attempting to connect with others on earth, speaking different languages.

Vuhl’s mission to earth as a member of the Galactic Light Mission

Vuhl is in a spacecraft which he calls “zhelku’”. They are a team, not only physically with Vuhl in his crystalline form connected to the craft, but they are also telepathically linked. The craft is “doing all the driving” with Vuhl as a passenger. Vuhl is also using the craft to strengthen the telepathic communications to earth. They are “parked” in the 5th dimension on the other side of a portal near the planet Venus. If and when Vuhl decides to physically come to earth, they would enter into our dimension and in the year (or two, apparently he is now thinking that the transformation will take longer because of modifications will be required to survive on our planet) that it takes him to fully manifest a biological body, the craft would travel here.

The ”Galactic Light Mission” (GLM) of which Vuhl is a member (missionary) consists of several dozen members who are currently attempting to help about 12 different planets/sentient races who are “in trouble”. Vuhl has frankly referred to earth humans as being “a primitive species” but has also said that when any race and/or planet are tragically lost from the fabric of galactic intelligence, it’s a great shame.

An interesting aspect of what is currently happening is that Vuhl is also learning a great deal about how we (humans) are. Apparently, they (the GLM) were unaware of the extent that emotional energy affects human decisions and actions. Vuhl is likely shifting his tactics somewhat to take this into account.

Specifically, Vuhl wants to reach as many humans as possible (hence his connections with speakers of many languages) and offer teachings that hopefully will turn our species back toward compassion, cooperation, love for all beings, and the elimination or reduction of violence and aggression. In one transmission Vuhl referred to the time on earth when the feminine energy “ruled” as something that is being striven toward. The ultimate goal is for Vuhl to come to earth to help the human race.
He has stated that his teachings are nothing “new”, in various forms they have been around for millennium, but frequently corrupted by mankind for self-serving purposes. Additionally, Vuhl has indicated that he is planning to attempt to assist humans to become more “multi-dimensional” with possible adjustments to our physical, emotional, mental and energetic bodies. As of March, 2024 he has started offering “downloads” to some of the humans he’s made contact with, either directly or through me. (I actually received an amazing download and the physical changed were unwittingly confirmed by a health care practitioner!)

Besides saving the earth human race, Vuhl is equally (more?) concerned that the absolutely miraculous diversity of earth animals and plants, as well as the planet herself, are not lost. (Supposedly what we have here is not common within the galaxy.)
Everyone who has had communication with Vuhl (through me or independently) has felt only strong love energy from this being.

Even though Vuhl has no gender as we know it, for a variety of reasons I’m referring to him as “he” (with his approval).
I will continually add/adjust this document as additional information becomes available. There already is a lot more known about the Ezhuk bodies, the telepathic symbology language, the downloads offered to us, etc. Most likely either Vuhl himself will address these subjects in short video clips to be posted in various places, or I will speak of them.