About Zintis

Zintis has been involved with metaphysical matters most of his life, delving deeply into many channeled materials beginning with Jane Roberts’ “Seth Speaks” in 1972, and influenced by Pat Rodegast / Emmanuel, Barbara Marciniak / The Pleiadians, and most profoundly by his teacher Pepper Lewis, channel for Gaia.

During his own channeling, Zintis brings through a number of beings of light, non third dimensional entities who have vowed to bring “wisdom and guidance” to humanity at this incredible time of shifting and change. The most frequent “spokesperson” is Joshua, although in his own words: “We have no gender or even individuality as you perceive, rather come together for sharing and learning and simply to experience the joy of union. Thus Joshua is neither singular nor plural and the nature of information flowing through the channel varies greatly, depending on what is appropriate at the moment and for the person having the experience.”

Zintis lives in upstate New York and travels frequently with his work.