Question:  On April 4th many people did a mediation at the same time to rid the world of the virus.  Did that meditation make a difference?

Indeed, those types of meditations always make a difference.  It is not necessarily that that type of energy can rid the world of a physical entity that is in the form of the virus.  The meditation energy creates a different type of a wave, shall we say a shift.  The energy of millions of people coming together at a certain time with the same intention is incredibly powerful.  The way we see it is that your earth, your world is in a particular trajectory, not only physically as it circles the sun, but its on an evolutionary path of its own, as well as that of yours as a species, for it is all connected.  The trajectory is going in a certain direction, we would say that in the last century it has not particularly risen, it has mostly gone down, it has become darker, more difficult.  What these meditations do is that they nudge the trajectory in a different direction, an upward direction.  (Here we are assuming that you are perceiving that downward is “bad” and upward is “good”.)  They (the meditations) can move your whole earth in an upward way.  What this also does in terms of the virus is that it is assisting all of those who are directly encountering the virus, those who are in some way part of that particular drama, whether they themselves are ill, or they have lost someone to it, or they are in the front lines battling it, or in some other way directly affected by it.  On that particular day at that time, the (meditative) energy was a boost to all of those individuals.  It is unlikely that many of them were able to participate in the event, they have their hands full, perhaps their emotional lives are in upheaval.  They are the direct beneficiaries of this type of meditation that was directed at the virus and those affected by it.

In terms of the virus itself, those energies do affect the way things are.  The virus is expanding, has its own consciousness on some level.  It is alive, not perhaps on the way that your scientists identify, they have claimed that it is not a living entity, but indeed it is a living entity just as a mineral upon your world is, it has its own energy.  Energy on some level equates life.  All naturally occurring elements upon your earth, be they plants, animals, minerals, even the air, the wind, light all have a life of their own.  They have energy.  So, it is also with things such as viruses, bacteria, all of the very tiny little particles that are part of your natural existence.  What the energy of the meditation does is that it shifts the life form of the virus.  We are calling the virus one single life form.  The (meditation) energy can start to move it into a different direction, perhaps to contain it, perhaps to bring it back.  By this we mean, if there are one hundred billion virus cells floating around, that they perhaps get squashed into 5 billion.  Another similar meditation might bring it down to one billion.  We are being very simplistic here, but we know that you are understanding our analogy.

In terms of truly eradicating the virus, there is also another issue, for there are energies that are feeding off of it.  If there are a million individuals involved in the meditation who would bring it to an end, there are others who perceive that they might profit from it (the virus) or benefit from it.  Or that they will somehow increase their own power as a result of it.  It is not in their interest to actually mitigate the situation, it is perhaps in their interest to watch it expand even further.

The energy of we will call the beings of light who are meditating is greater than the energy of the others, but never-the-less, there is some form of resistance from the virus itself and also those who are supporting it in some way.