Welcome to this place of exploration, wisdom from the stars. It is my intention and hope, that the material within will broaden your perspectives and provide assistance.


VuhlBeginning in November 2023 I started getting information from a new source, and within about a month the connection was strong enough for frequent and very clear communication. This is an actual 3 dimensional being who is on a space craft waiting to see if it’s “safe” enough to make contact with earth humans! He is sharing a great deal of information about himself, his planet, species and mostly his “mission” to assist humanity at this turbulent time. I must admit, it’s all incredibly fascinating and ultimately far reaching for humanity.

Here is a summary of what is known as of March 2024 (constantly changing). Within a short period of time, I hope to have my new website “Galactic Download” up and running. This will include links to YouTube videos as well as much, much more information about Vuhl.

So far, the biggest gift that Vuhl has given me as well as a few others are energetic downloads positively affecting the physical body by “awakening” what he says are many of our latent and forgotten abilities.

Private sessions are available with either Joshua or Vuhl. It seems that Joshua is the better source for personal information i.e. past lives, current life soul plans, relationships, etc. Vuhl offers incredible galactic information, the energetic download mentioned above and also profound insights into “us” as he is able to view us. He also is good at helping remove emotional and mental blockages, balance the systems, and likely also with physical health issues.

Joshua and I have written a book!

Dawning Light, Zintis MuiznieksBeyond being a guide for those who wish to immerse themselves into the art of channeling, perhaps even attempting it themselves, this book also serves to provide more information about Joshua and about the process in general. In addition, there are and exercises for connecting with angels and guides, as well as suggestions to deepen one’s spiritual connection with the earth and other beings wiser and greater than ourselves. Read more about Dawning Light: Other Dimensional Voices here.  Enjoy!

Joshua says:

“Greetings, Friend! It is with joy that we come together, that you have discovered us through this form of media. And while it’s perhaps not the best at conveying the energy that we seek to impart with each word spoken through the channel, we hope that our words are motivating and energizing. There is far more to your life than you can imagine. You are not just some anonymous human going through the motions of living, you are alive! You have the gift of free will! You can change yourself and your surroundings with each moment, should you choose to do that. And, that’s the trick, is it not? Most of you dream about making changes, but few endeavor on that path, for it’s not necessarily an easy one. Yet, we tell you honestly, just try it! Take that first step into the unknown and it will bring you joy, peace and also the sense of wellbeing that comes from knowing that you and your soul are working in conjunction. May your journey back to the stars be enriching and meaningful.”

Over the past years, Joshua has continually urged people to do their best to find balance within their lives, to take care of outstanding business, to put their affairs into order.  He’s frequently suggesting that people “lighten their load” by getting rid of unnecessary physical (material) objects, by getting rid of old emotional baggage.

I hope that you enjoy reading, hearing and watching Joshua’s wisdom. As a side note, the posts in this site are generally of broader interest, in private sessions Joshua addresses any question, including deeply personal ones.

Peace to all beings.