Dawning Light: Other Dimensional Voices

Dawning Light, Zintis Muiznieks

I’m immensely happy to offer Joshua’s and my collaboration to the world, our book!  “Dawning Light:  Inter-dimensional Voices – Joshua’s Guide to Understanding and Performing the Art of Channeling”.  Joshua offers the instructional materials and I augment those with personal experiences and suggestions.  There are also fascinating case studies and an extensive Q&A section.

The book is meant to not only offer a guideline for those wishing to channel themselves, but also has suggestions for achieving various states of calm, for connecting with one’s guides and angels, and for becoming more aware of oneself physically and energetically.

Single copies of the book can be purchased through Amazon, click here.  For multiple copy discounts, please visit Questing Light Books.

Supporting Audio Materials

Joshua offers five different exercises in the book.  The first is to help deepen ones connection to oneself and surroundings, and to enter a “space” conducive to channeling.  The second is to connect with one’s spirit guides.  The third is the actual channeling “initiation” .  The forth and fifth are to assist making connections, one with spiritual beings, the other with animal energy.  Within the listen section below are audio versions of these exercises.


In this section I’ve added some comments about the book as they’ve appeared on Amazon, Facebook, or have been offered to me in person.  If you’d like to add something, you can do so at the outside sources, or send me an email.

Case Studies

As an extension of Chapter Eight from the book, “Case Studies”, I’m continuing to collect and publish other people’s experiences in the channeling process.  If you’d like to submit yours, I would welcome it!