The channeling below has been printed in the Sedona Journal of Emergence for the 2023 Predictions issue.

Zintis Muiznieks channeling Joshua 

Are there any tools, or technologies, or techniques that people will use to cope with the issues that are facing humanity?

There are a good number of humans who will start to reconnect with “energy”.  Now, “energy”, as you know is a very broad term and we are using it specifically in that broad sense because there are many ways to connect with energy.  There are numerous ways to connect with the Gaia energy, ancient people knew of various techniques that modern humans are discovering.  Groups of humans will engage these methods, perhaps with the use of what is now termed “plant medicine” utilizing fungi or other types of plants that can create a particular situation within the human psyche, the brain, to make certain connections possible.  We’re not saying that this is the best way, but it is a popular method that has gained traction, which does have certain merits.  This will continue to bring people into a state of connectiveness, and then through that will come a growth and an understanding from a different perspective about what is occurring upon your world.

There are those humans who will start to connect with energy such as the Joshua energy and start to obtain information in that way.  This is not just one or two individuals, but there will be almost an explosion of interest in channeling and other means that that bring previously hidden information to the surface providing an awareness or a different perspective.

There are other tools as well, physical tools, not necessarily divination devices that will provide information.  Some in the healing fields, some in the current informational networks that have proliferated upon your world.  Individuals will search out that which is of interest and importance to their professional fields.

We are speaking not only of the country where you reside (USA), but of many countries.  Also, definitely in what are considered less advanced cultures or technologically less sophisticated societies, where the ability to connect directly with the Gaia energy, animal energies and such, are still largely inherent in many individuals.

What is of utmost importance is that humans will be able to read what is happening around them in ways that that are more natural.  Not finding out from the news or some other external source, they will start to know again, intuitively, from energies that they are in contact with, animals, plants, the earth herself.  These abilities will start to strengthen and build, perhaps less in your country, which is already so industrialized and urbanized that many humans no longer have a connection with the Gaia energy.

In your part of the world, what will start to increase is the connection with channeling type energies.  They of will become very popular and will also start to provide very specific information.  We would like to remind everyone that the information gotten in this manner frequently can and does become tainted or colored by whoever is presenting it (the channel), which is important to remember if you are not receiving the information yourself and are hearing someone else transmitting it.

Do you feel that there is anything coming in the near future, any significant shift, that will move people in the direction that you’re talking about?

There are going to be some earth changes.  We are not going to speak about the destructive nature of these events.  As you know your current climate situation has increased the magnitude of various storms.  Earthquakes, which have actually very much diminished in the last several years, will begin to amp up again.  These types of events trigger a reaction in every human.  It can be a reaction of despair, but it can also be a reaction of spiritual connection with something, perhaps a God entity that is being prayed to.  There will be some significant such events that will affect large parts of the earth.  Not, naturally, affecting all places at the same time.  These situations will allow people to connect in ways that they had not considered in the past, not just in your country, but everywhere on your world.

There are certain types of events, for example the fires, that serve several purposes.  The fire energy is a highly destructive one, and yet at the same time it is an energy of rebirth.  That type of rebirth will accelerate as vast fires move through areas of your country and in different parts of the world.  People directly and indirectly affected by these fires, will witness and understand the rebirth process, not only of nature and Gaia, but also of themselves.  Individuals who might have lost all material belongings will realize that they are in a state of being reborn.  It certainly might not be a pleasant process, but the loss of things gives them a clean slate.  For some it will bring about a state of spiritual awakening.  Naturally, not for all.

Those who are reaching a point of spiritual awakening, in these situations and in many others, will also start to affect others, those around them, not necessarily bringing them to an awakening, but offering guidance and empathy for coping with earth and life shifting situations.  There will be a large increase in what you might call teachers, or human guides, who will start to offer their own newly acquired wisdom to others.

Is this a change?  For certainly we’ve had fires and earthquakes forever.

The change what we see is an acceleration of a spiritual or energetic component.  People will no longer necessarily be in that place of despair but will start to become aware of the larger picture of what is occurring around them.

What kind of timeframe are we looking at?  Something in the very near future?

The autumn storms in North America will be occurring even before the end your current year, but looking ahead, the increase in magnitude and frequency of these events will continue.  There will also be man-made events, for instance the wars that are occurring now will continue and will bring about for some the understanding of what and who they truly are on a spiritual level.  They will embrace their humanity as a spiritual being who is in a growth and learning situation.

All events upon your world are by some design.  One might not know, when they are being born, specifically where they will end up or in what circumstances, yet for many in their life plan might be a big exclamation mark that will indicate that at some point, perhaps in their middle age, or youth, there will be a catastrophic event of some sort and they will be required to respond to it.  It will be their response, how they react, that is what is of importance to their soul.

So where the changes happen to specific people, they are the ones who will potentially change and grow, or will there be an opportunity for a larger group of people to be impacted by this?

Yes, it will be larger.  As you know, your world is nearly completely interlaced with informational networks.  Nearly everything happening upon your world is almost instantaneously transmitted to anyone who has access to this information, and this is billions of people.  What will also begin to occur, rather than the numbing effect that these types of news have had in the past, there will be a vast change in the way that people will start to respond, specifically, ‘how can I help on a physical level?’  Also, ‘what can I learn from this?’  ‘It might not affect me personally, but what will I be able to take from these experiences the other are having?’  What this will also continue to do is to create an ever-growing inter-connectedness between humans.  Ultimately all humans ARE connected.  The human energy is one energy dispersed into billions of bodies, each of course with their own life plan, each with their own free will, and yet on some level it is all connected.  Like the species of birds that can fly in a flock and never run into each other.  It is the same type of thing, you do not have a conscious awareness of this, but what happens to one human somewhere on the earth, does affect all.  It might be in a very, very minute way.  And yet, when something happens to many individuals at the same time, then that type of energy transmission is much stronger, and the response (from others) will start to become much more positive, much more life-affirming by those who are responding to what they are seeing or hearing.

How will that move humanity forward?

Humanity will grow from these types of leaps.  Humanity is currently struggling to determine who they are, you could say that humanity is having an identity crisis.  Some wish to keep it at a certain level and others wish to move it forward.  These types of events will be catalysts for moving it forward, almost like small jumps, so that when a million people jump up a step, as a result of what they have felt or experienced directly or indirectly, that is a huge boost to the collective energy of humanity.  These types of boosts will start to occur ever more frequently and will have a very positive effect on humanity and also your earth.

Will the use of technology, computers somehow affect all this?

Yes indeed, that is an ongoing situation.  You now are impacted almost immediately.  If you think back 50 years, 100 years on your world the type of informational boosts that we have discussed took a very long time to reach other people, and in many cases never even did.  Events on the other side of the earth would likely never be known about.  Your technology now has the ability to pass around very positive information, for instance if a million people are praying simultaneously for the good outcome of a situation, the energy isn’t flowing through your networks, but the knowledge of this action can also be disseminated quickly.  If an individual is struggling or suffering and they find out that millions are boosting them, the support of this action may well benefit them significantly.

Will there be certain people who will lead this or is it more about a collective?

It is a bit of a collective awakening.  There are those who are one step ahead, those who already channel, those who already have a very strong connection with the earth, those who have the abilities to connect with natural energies, to sense things, those are the people who may end up being leaders of sorts.  They might already be in a position to have taught others what they know.  However, much of what we are describing will happen collectively, a million people here and million people there will have an urge to do something and will follow through.

Are there any specific events that can be mentioned?

There are.  There are going to be earthquakes in the places where they are already expected, the west coast of the north and south American continents, central Asia will also experience several significant earth tremors.  These will be destroying human structures, we will call them blemishes upon the earth, cities and other large non-natural structures.  April and November are likely months for earthquake activities in the western hemisphere and early summer, June in the country of Turkey or slightly northeast of there.

Besides there, the continuation and acceleration (in size and destructiveness) of storms such as hurricanes and typhoons is almost guaranteed.  These occurrences will affect ever larger numbers of humans and other life-forms on earth, likely these storms that will be labeled “historic” or “non-precedented”.  Again, this is by design.  The more people such an event affects, the greater the impact, both positive and also negative.  The more are suffering, the potentially greater positive response.  This is a human trait, when one person is suffering it might generate some pity, but when a million people are in dire straits, a common reaction is to send money or offer assistance in other ways.

That is how we’re going to change?

That is part of the human change.  There are other aspects that we have not mentioned that are perhaps going to happen that will start to affect how humans react not only to earth changes and climate changes, but also to what humanity is, what a spiritual being in a human form actually is.  Much of this is ancient knowledge what will return, this is knowledge outside that of your organized religions, most of whom are not interested in having their members start to become enlightened, begin to know spiritual truths.  Much of this will happen independently.  It does not mean that a person cannot have a religious affiliation or even strong religious beliefs, but they may well start to have a spiritual awakening to complement what they already believe.

Will there be people who will grow significantly through this process, and will subsequently help impact change?

Yes, there will be individuals, and in many instances, they already are people who are known, they are celebrities or politicians or someone else is well known and well liked, who will start to have these types of growth experiences and will choose to share them.  Upon your world, particularly in your society, many choose to keep these types of experiences private, for fear of ridicule or other types of reactions that are not consistent with what their intentions are.  There will be individuals who will step out of their comfort zone and start to proclaim as to what they know and what they have learned, how that can help others.  They (these people) will be significant in moving growth forward.

Is there a way that we can better help ourselves and help others to create a more benevolent life for all of us?

It is always important to start in small ways, to start with yourself to start with your immediate circle and then to allow that influence to grow.  For most it will remain within a group of several people or a single community, but for a few it will start to have a larger impact, whether it be through your informational networks, or through your media.  These individuals will begin to have an ever-greater influence.  For anyone, we suggest you allow your gifts to flow in whatever ways are appropriate and helpful.

Are there certain things to focus on that would allow more joy and love?

Love is an integral part of who you are, it has simply been tapped down by your society and your expectations what love in various aspects of your society entails.  True love, universal love, the type that supersedes everything else, is present in every person.  It is not only part of what makes you a human being, but also what gives you life.  Without the love energy there would be no life, not only for humans but also for all animals and plants upon your world.  When this energy is allowed to manifest, to grow, and that will be happening, it will allow more and more humans to embrace not only who there are, but also to accept others without judgement.  The love energy will start to permeate, certainly in those areas of the world that are more welcoming to it, perhaps less so in other areas.  Even in those areas that you would consider to be darkest or most difficult, there will be individuals who take upon themselves to make their best attempt to spread that type of energy.  It will continue to expand.

Are there any specific messages that can be put out there that will help humanity grow in this way?

The message is always to remember who you truly are.  To remember that you are not just a human with a human mind, but that you are energy, that you are love, that you are a spark of your soul and ultimately a spark of the God energy.  Every human upon your world is there for a reason, even if most have forgotten what that is.  When there is acceptance and when judgements begin to drop away, then that is when the human experience can truly flourish and grow.  Will that happen in the next year?  No, it will not.  However small sparks of this will start to ignite creating ever more impact as the year wears on and as the following years and decades come and go.  That is what ultimately needs to happen if humanity is to survive.

Do you feel that there are any other messages or information that would be helpful to put out there?

We have said much, we know that the channel will have to edit and perhaps others will need to also do so.  The truths in our message will have an impact on anyone hearing or reading these words.  They will begin to think about and perhaps react to what has been said.  Again, it is the ripple effect which allow these types of messages to travel a long way.