The Avalanche of Earth’s Shift
Published Sedona Journal of Emergence, December 2014

Greeting, friends! It is with joy that we come together again to celebrate what is new for you, what is the passing of the old year and the coming of the new, the change of the season as the sun, once again, ascends in the northern hemisphere and descends in the southern hemisphere. And, as always, there is curiosity, for this is an unsettled time upon your world. You might think of it as the time of a passing and also a coming. The time of a rebirth, as well as a death, and you understand that the death is necessary for the birth to occur. That is the natural cycle of things, not only upon your world, within your dimension, but also elsewhere.

Many of you have been dismayed at the events of the past months, at all that has occurred, at all that has threatened, at all that seems imminent, that seems difficult, that seems somehow contradictory to what you have believed. For many of you have thought that you already have entered the new age, that it should be a time of celebration, or growth, it should be a time of light overcoming the dark. But there are still remnants of darkness that must be swept away, that must be resolved.

Sadly, many people feed the darkness unintentionally, by giving attention to it, by listening, by watching, by getting excited about news broadcasts about what has occurred. You are giving energy to that, which you claim you wish to get rid of, that you wish to dissolve upon your world. It would be prudent for you all to consider this, the next time you turn on your television or you click the little button to watch a video on your computer. Perhaps it would be wiser and better to leave it unwatched, to leave it in the “off” position.

Now let us look forward, not dwell upon what has been. Let us see how the earth is about to shift, how the energies, how the inhabitants, not only human, are going to change. These changes cannot be stopped, they are like a snowball rolling faster and faster down the mountain side. You know well that the events of the past year have seemed to have whizzed by in a moment, for indeed the speed and acceleration has picked up.

What specifically might you expect? You wish to know, and yet Joshua would once more caution you that the issues and ideas that Joshua will be discussing are all based upon the energy matrix as it is being viewed some time prior to you reading these words. Much may have shifted and changed, and therefore it is not possible to pinpoint things with great certainty. However, the probability exists for the sun to start peeking over the eastern horizon, which, for you upon the earth, is the dawning of the day. And while the dawning of the new age was proclaimed some time ago, that, in fact, was just the preparation. Now the true sunrise is about to commence, bringing new light, intense healing light to your world. It is a time of true rejoicing for you, a time to look forward to that, which can be.

Prepare for the future, do not dwell in the past, prepare for how you yourself personally can best become an active member of the new world, of the new societies, of the new way of thinking. It will be new even for those of you who see yourselves as being progressive, as being on top of things, for there shall be surprises. It is not everything that you might have imagined, for that is not the natural growth that is expected upon your world. The natural growth diminishes, perhaps even eliminates, some ideological concepts that have been prevalent for many centuries, mainly the ideas of capitalism, of materialism, the thought that “the more the better”.

What is energetically more natural in attaining equilibrium, in balancing your world, is the sharing of resources, the sharing of wealth, the sharing of what one has, that might be extra, not only in the material sense, but also in the sense of talent and ability. Many people have certain abilities that they can share with other, to the mutual benefit of all. What you can expect is a flattening of the curve, an equalization of energies, be they material energies, emotional energies, or other energies. That is what will make the earth shine, that is what will bring comfort to you all, that is what will allow love to flourish. That is what will allow the world to start in earnest its ascent into a higher dimension, into a different existence.

Now, many of you will say that this is all very nice, all very fine, but what specifically can you tell us Joshua? We can tell you that you will see a rise of equality, a rise of sudden understanding. There are many different groups upon your earth, not only in your country, but especially in other countries who are still repressed, suppressed, and they will find that they have the ability to speak freely once more, that they are accepted more honestly into their societies. For even those who claim to be tolerant and understanding of other people, are not necessarily so. What will occur will be an energetic opportunity for all to simply understand. It will not necessarily require effort, it will simply be the simple understanding that all human beings are created equal, all human beings deserve their place upon your earth, for everyone’s life is unique, special and important in its own way. This is something that will occur with rapidity, particularly in countries where darkness has prevailed.

Certain people of light will come into what you would call power, will move into places of leadership, and therefore can and will make certain determinations that will assist all citizens within their communities, within their particular area of governance. Once the equality and level of comfort between human beings is more apparent, then you will see a rise of cooperative work being done, you will see the rise of collaboration that brings about change fairly rapidly.
What type of change do we discuss here? We speak of social change, the ability to rise above the doctrines that have been enforced upon your world for many centuries. The idea that those with money have power, those without are powerless. The belief that humans have the inherent right to destroy the earth, to use it and its plants and animals, as they wish.

You will see the cooperative spirit building upon that which is natural and good upon your earth, and at the same time, the earth will continue to respond with its own birth shutters, with its own reevaluation and its own reestablishment. That may produce continued volcanic activity, it may produce continued shifting of the tectonic plates. That, which has been hidden from sight, not only in space outside the earth, but also inside your earth will come to light. There will be sudden discoveries of particular interest to many of you. As the earth shifts slightly, not only physically, but also dimensionally, you will discover that, in fact, in the past there have been civilizations within your earth and in your oceans. It’s also likely in the near future, that such current civilizations also come to light.

You will discover that, what was perceived as true reality, is not necessarily such, for as the dimensional window beings to crack open, you will first glimpse and then understand many wonders that have always been just outside your level of perception. That is something to look forward to, since it will be a growth, an expansion, not only of human consciousness, but also of the earth’s consciousness.

It is also quite possible that in the summer months of this year, in the northern hemisphere, there will be a change in the galaxy above you. There will be a shifting of the stars and suddenly the night sky you have always known will have altered slightly. That is all natural as well, for you will be able to perceive different energies that were invisible in the past. This will bring comfort to many, for it will become clear that you are not alone in your universe, in your galaxy, perhaps even in your solar system. This may well occur soon after the June solstice.

Around the December solstice, you will see an energetic shift and expansion in the southern hemisphere. You ask why the southern and the northern separately? There are energetic influences that have occurred for millennia for each half of your earth, the upper and the lower. Now an energetic adjustment will occur. Where in the past the northern has received more energy of an active type, the southern will now receive even more of that as well, and therefore the earth itself will become more balanced in its own meridian and chakra systems. That is something to anticipate, for as the earth becomes more stabilized and balanced, so will the human species allow itself to become more relaxed and the flow of life will become easier for all.