Greetings, friends! It is with joy that we come together again on this fine day upon your earth. We shall discuss the delicate and intricate steps of karma. Consider it a dance if you will, consider it as a way for the soul to move through its existences, for the soul to gather experiences, and ultimately for each and every soul to grow, to become whole, to once more rejoin the essence from where it has come.

We will now discuss the ideas of karma and how karma affects every single person upon your world, whether they believe in it or not. For you see, it is not something that can be disbelieved, for it simply is. It is a matter of your nature, it is a matter of energetic balance, it is a matter of how your particular (human) experience, your particular aspects are designed. Let us examine how karma works on an intimate basis and also from a broader perspective.

There is much that is considered “karmic” upon your earth and the term is bantered around rather casually. On occasion people say “I will do that, for it will be good karma”, or they speak of someone else and say that “bad karma” is about to occur as a result of some action they have undertaken. Yet it is widely misunderstood, for the concept actually dictates that on some level, every single action that you experience or do is either a balancing of karma, a creation of karma, or movement along a karmic path.

It is simply energy that comes from various sources and has an emotional component, physical components, and generally, also, has some component that is associated with love, or the lack of love, for that ultimately is what dictates growth upon your world. When one acts in a loving manner toward all beings, regardless of their status, regardless of relationship, then in fact that person is well upon their way toward becoming something more.

Many karmic events that occur in one lifetime are brought about by something that has been done, been experienced, in another lifetime, what you would generally consider a “past” or previous lifetime. Therefore there is somewhat of an unfair nature, or you might perceive it as such. As an example, someone named Joseph is having a terrible life and is experiencing all sorts of difficulties and challenges, and, in fact, those are brought about by someone else’s actions, someone who was named Theodore in a previous lifetime. They are two separate people, and yet they both stem from the same soul, they both share the same soul energies. That is often how karma is created and played out. Joseph becomes responsible for the actions of Theodore. While it could be perceived as being grossly unfair to Joseph, at the same time, whatever Joseph creates, whatever he does, however he chooses to live his life, that will, in turn, affect the lives of “other people” further down the path. In a sense, there is equality there, and yet at the same time, depending on Joseph’s spiritual awareness, he might or might not agree.

The human species upon earth has chosen the karmic path of evolution, moving from lifetime to lifetime, incarnating in different bodies. Certain energies, emotions, experiences come along, not all, only those that are of significance, only those that have in some way altered or moved the soul’s growth forward, or perhaps backward. Therefore Joseph must work through, as best he can, all the experiences that are laid out for him, and his choices and responses will then determine his soul’s growth, as well as his development in that lifetime.

While it might seem very complicated, in fact it is not so if one looks at the larger picture, that of incarnation and soul development. It is as though each and every one of you are sparks of light coming from the same fire, and it is the fire that is being fed by each of you. Since there is no linear time, this is all happening simultaneously, therefore an action that you do at this time, in this life, will affect others almost instantaneously, although of course it will not seem that way to you, for you are unable to perceive the “lack of time”, as your dimensional agreements include the concept of linear time.

The balancing of personal karma does not necessarily require the same two players to be involved, in fact, it is rare that will happen. It is a simple matter of balancing a particular aspect or energy from a “negative” into “neutral”, although “neutral/positive” is where most end up. Therefore what needs to be balanced from another lifetime will be done in current lifetime with a different person. They will come into an experience that brings about the necessary conditions to create what is required. It’s possible that the other person will accumulate a karmic condition as a result of the exchange, but then that will be what he requires. However, frequently at this time upon your earth, many actions are experienced to bring about balance for one, but do not add karmic weight to the other, it (the action) is simply absorbed, disseminated and neutralized.

There also exists upon your earth and within your developmental paths a certain state of grace, so that under particular conditions, frequently those of involuntary involvement in large-scale experiences, individuals do not accumulate any karmic weight other than perhaps some strong emotional energy which might linger in other lifetimes.

Joshua frequently gets asked about those individuals who live their lives in a “negative” way, those who perpetuate violence upon others, those who are in some way responsible for injury, death or other suffering. It is always unwise to make generalizations, to assume that they are balancing themselves, or that they are evil, or anything else. Sometimes they have volunteered to commit an act in order to assist the “victim” who must experience such an action as a result of his previous activity. Yet, often, they are young souls who do not understand the consequences of their actions. They are souls whose bodies and minds have a great ego involved, who consider themselves to be outside the rules. These particular (negative) actions must get resolved and it sometimes takes many lifetimes of balancing to achieve that, which brings them back into equilibrium.

Let us also examine other aspects of the karmic path, for there is more than individual karma that comes into play. Some of you belong to what would be termed as “soul groups”, which are souls that travel somewhat loosely, and yet together through the universe to gather experiences not only individually, but also collectively. For that reason their experiences can become very powerful. When more than one works in tandem, in conjunction, within three-dimensional bodies, or also outside of them, their actions become augmented and are able to affect great good, but also damage. Soul group members must resolve their individual karmic paths while at the same time accumulating and erasing group karma, since they are somewhat intertwined. Any one member follows his own path, at the same time observing the group’s consensus, acting in a way that works within parameters established by the whole. Therefore some of the free will of each individual would be tempered or colored by the group’s desire, and yet it is totally voluntary on behalf of the individual. Many soul groups have been together for a long stretch of experiences and therefore those karmic paths are generally broader and tend to be of a positive nature. The souls involved are often also of an “older” soul age, have more collective experience and tend to gravitate toward situations where they can assist growth of others in a larger sense, even if that results in difficult life conditions for the individuals.

There are many who sacrifice much comfort, material well-being, to create a better life for other people. There are also those, who on occasion, sacrifice their own life while healing or protecting others. Those actions are all considered to be “positive” on some level, and yet, at the same time, they can be terribly distressing for that individual, for their families, for those around them. As human beings, you cannot, you do not know what a soul’s purpose for an individual or group might be, therefore it is often difficult to understand why something is happening. Perhaps for some of you in such a situation, it becomes easier if you understand that there is an overriding plan, and what is being experienced is for the benefit of a greater whole.

Now there is also something of a nationalistic karma. Upon your world, you have, over the many millennia, carved yourselves into groups of nations, into groups of people, into groups that self-identify as being similar in terms of language, culture and frequently also geographically. You can look objectively around your world and will see that some particular nations have, for the most part, always been very peaceful, peace loving people. They often have a high level of education, are particularly tolerant of others, have an organized social structure that cares for all members within their society. There are also those groups who are warlike, who have historically attacked neighbors, have traditionally been unsupportive of their own group members, discouraging individual expression and sometimes even eliminating those who don’t agree with official dogma. Both types of groups collect a particular karma, and it is a voluntary decision by a soul to incarnate into group with a particularly strong national identity.

How does such a decision affect one’s personal karma? Again, it is a dance that involves individual karma and also broader karmic paths. If one opts, on some level, to incarnate into a warlike group, then that person can make choices. They can participate in the overriding mentality, or they can attempt to make changes, to choose what many would consider a “higher” path. Those choices made by individuals will affect their personal karma and their own growth. Yet, as long as your world is divided into the geopolitical entities that currently exist, these particular national karmic paths will also continue to exist, for there will be those who are drawn toward warlike and aggressive environments.

Typically, these are what would be considered “younger” souls, those with less experience. For them, it is exciting and interesting and something they wish to live. For those who have already experienced that type of lifetime, usually more than once, they know that ultimately it is not a path conducive to growth, will not take them toward soul evolution, and therefore they leave that behind. Yet in the evolution of souls, there are always those who are coming fresh into your world, who need to, who must, who wish to experience those types of existences.

You might say that certain nations and ethnic groups are comprised mostly of “older” souls, and others of “younger” souls, but as always generalizations aren’t wise, for there may be circumstances that are unknown to the human mind. There are wheels turning within wheels and sometimes those come to light in unexpected ways.

Your earth also has a sort of karmic path, and that also affects each of yours, and while hers is more of a conscious evolution, there is inter-connectedness. Although the earth is extremely patient with her “children”, there is a limit of what she will tolerate. If you were to destroy her, it would not bode well for her destiny, therefore she would, and does, put a stop to any activities that would bring about her destruction or death. Even though your species’ arrogance makes it difficult for you to comprehend, just imagine how small, even collectively, you are in comparison in size, age and wisdom. She has abundant energy that has been kept within, for she does not need to show off her power, and yet, were it necessary, she would use it.

These are the various different steps of the karmic dance, be they individual, group, national, or for your species as a whole, for even the human race has a karmic path. It is very broad and not particularly finely defined, for it is open to constant growth and change. Since there are seven billion soul fragments (people) upon your world, each working through their own path, there can only be a general map of where you are going, however the ultimate destination, the ultimate journey is decided collectively, and that is also a very intricate dance, for upon your world you are mostly split evenly by those who wish to go in one direction and those who wish to go in another. It is possible that in the future, perhaps even in the near future, you will reach consensus. Until that happens, it is likely that the distrusts, mistrusts and differences of opinion will continue to manifest, continue to increasingly agitate those who think differently. That is something that we shall examine in a different meeting, a different discussion. For now, we would say goodbye and good-day.