Joshua, a friend recently lost his dog and he wants to know if, after he dies, they will be together again.

Yes indeed, for you see what occurs is that when a human being leaves their physical body, when they become energy, they no longer are bound by the three-dimensional rules that govern humans, that govern the species, by common agreement. Therefore they are able to summon quickly and immediately those things, those beings, those people they wish to meet again, that they wish to be with, the energies they wish to examine once more, to enjoy once more. And so is with beloved pets also.

But you must understand, and you must tell him, that it is not exactly the same as how it was when both beings were in physical body. Even the humans who can manifest, who still have great capacity of observation, of thinking, of emotional context from the previous lifetime, they are no longer physical either, and therefore, what they are doing is they are creating themselves in whatever form they wish at that moment to be in, and they are also re-creating the pet that is so loved to them.

What they are doing is they are indeed taking the energies that were once the dog and they are creating a form for him, and yet, at the same time, it is and it is not. While the experience of love that can be reenacted, the physical connection that once was cannot endure, for it cannot be re-created on dimensional levels other than the 3rd.

Let us explore a little bit further. What is it that the man would attempt to create in terms of the dog energy? How is that possible? Where does that energy come from? The animal kingdom is divided into particular species of animals who carry their own energetic vibration, and so it is with the dogs, and with the cats and with other pets that you have upon your world. Therefore there would be what would term the dog energy, from which stem all dogs, from which stem all of the creatures that are so beloved. They share certain traits, they all have within them certain characteristics that you identify as being that of dog, as opposed to being that of lizard, or bird. Therefore when this man would tap into the dog energy and would bring his beloved pet back into form of sorts, he would also bring the characteristics that once belonged to that particular animal, for they are all have their particular ways of being, ways of doing, and ways of acting. He would be able to re-create as fully as he remembers, which is quite well, all the details that are associated with that animal.

It would be a joyous meeting, but there would come a point when both would realize, particularly the human, that it is not what once was, for it is a different way of existence, once you have left three-dimensional bodies. It is real on some level, as much as anything else, and yet, at the same time, it does not have the physical components and therefore it lacks something of that nature. Therefore, while the reunion would be ecstatic, it might be somewhat brief, for the man would understand that he has not lost anything, that they can come together whenever they wish. It is also likely that it would become less important at that juncture in his development to share those energies, for he would be moving on into new adventures which would include different energies.