This article was published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence in the Predictions 2014 Issue

Greetings, Friends! We have been asked (editor note: Joshua frequently uses the plural pronoun) to make predictions for the approaching year, for the new cycle on your calendar. Most of you reading these words are fully aware, that prophesy is an inaccurate science, it is based on probability. It is based on what we currently see as being most likely in your sphere, upon your world.

You all yearn to know the future, you yearn to know the unknown. And while there is perhaps some merit in knowing what will come, when, where and how, there really is very little that is of practical use for you. What will you do if Joshua were to tell you that upon such and such a date such and such an occurrence shall happen? Will you hide in your home? Will you go elsewhere? Most likely not, unless we were to specifically name a city, a date, a time, and it is unlikely that we would do that. Probability places an event within a certain time, within a certain wave of occurrence. That is what we are able to see, those larger energy shifts that may occur upon your world. And while we might get lucky, as you say, and hit the nail upon the head, generally that is not how prophesy works.

Prophecy can be used as a guideline, it can be used as a tool, and if Joshua were to tell you that in the second quarter of your year it is likely that major earth shifts were to occur, how would you react? How would you prepare? What if Joshua were to tell you that those shifts could be avoided if enough people chose to place their loving energy there, to defuse that which could occur, to change it, what would you do? Would you in fact work toward the light, or would there be some interest in seeing chaos, in seeing destruction, and having the opportunity to say: “see, he was correct!”?

That is not how we operate. We shall not give you exact time, exact place, however we will say to you that your world is in a chaotic state. That does not mean that it will disintegrate completely, however, it seems likely that major upheavals shall occur in the next year. It seems likely that there will be incidents of great concern, as there have been in the past, and what matters is how you, you as a whole, you as humanity, react to them. That will make the difference for the future. Nothing is written in stone. Each action has a reaction. When there is an occurrence that is of a devastating nature, where there is loss of life and suffering, that is what brings great amounts of light into your world, for you see, the reaction is what matters. The souls of those who voluntarily perish in a disaster, those souls are then elsewhere and they no longer are directly concerned with the affairs of the earth. It is those of you who remain, and how you react to such an event, that is what matters in the larger scheme of things, that is what matters in your forward movement toward a shift, toward enlightenment.

So let us look at what might occur. It is possible around the third month of your next year that there be a disaster of sorts, it shall not be fully natural, for you see, mankind has meddled in the affairs of nature and therefore what were once simply natural occurrences, shifts of energy or realignments, frequently now have the imprint of man upon them.

There is much chemical pollution upon your earth, and while you are somewhat used to it, in that it has been there for a while now, it is nevertheless very toxic in places. It is likely that a shift of the earth will reveal a toxicity that was unknown to most people, and there will be contamination that will require evacuation of a large metropolitan area. It is likely that this may occur upon your North American continent, and shall affect a large number of people, and, that the disruption will be great to many other services and systems that you rely upon, all of you, around the world. No longer are events such as this isolated and self-contained, for you are connected in many ways and if simply one piece of the puzzle gets removed, all are affected.

This is not something that Joshua would advise that you plan for, even if you live in a metropolitan area, for you do not know where the event may occur. If you were to die in such an event, it would be because you (as a soul) wished to, volunteered to. And if it is not your time to be affected directly, then you would not be there, you would be travelling somewhere, you would be elsewhere, that is how those things happen. And one might say that it was miraculous that such and such a person escaped injury or death, but here is actually nothing miraculous about it. It is simply the pattern of their life, in the same way that it is the pattern of the lives of those who are involved.

It is your response to such an event that will matter. It is how people shall rally around such an event, and how they will help those who have been directly affected, and how assistance will occur and in what way. Will it come from the heart? Or only come grudgingly from a government? Will it be the person on the street who says: “I shall send some money, I shall do something, I shall open my heart, perhaps even my home.” For you see, that is what matters. It is when you as an individual make a difference, that is where the light can gather.

It is possible and likely in the summer months of your next year that there will be a great shift toward the light. It is possible that a particular country that has been a dictatorship for a long time becomes, as you would say, free. That the citizens of that nation can once again reclaim their ability to move about and to be whoever they wish to be. That would be an illuminating event for the whole world, for there are pockets of darkness where humans are still enslaved, in a way, that need to be lifted, that must be dissipated for your world, as a whole, to move toward the light. It is also possible, and perhaps even likely, that there shall be a domino effect that occurs when the one dictatorship collapses. It shall happen in a very easy manner, there will not be bloodshed. It will simply be an awakening.

There shall be much rejoicing upon your world and some will take credit for what has occurred, however it is not theirs to claim. It is the natural progression of movement toward the light, moving into lightness.

In the autumn of your next year it is possible that the weather patterns upon your earth, as they frequently do, become quite extreme. For you see, there MUST be balancing. The energy has forestalled, it has gotten somewhat stuck, for the movement that was anticipated in the last year did not fully realize. There were forces in play that held it back and now the earth is slightly behind schedule, you might say. The earth must move forward, must shake itself of more and more negativity, of more and more darkness. Therefore the earth, in the way that it can, in the way that is least disruptive to the people living upon it shall make the changes that are required.

Severe weather patterns likely will occur and it is your responsibility as a population to move the members of society who might be in harms way, move them out, assist them. It is not correct to simply say: “oh, what a shame, such and such a city will be hammered by a hurricane and those poor people will suffer.” Why? Why is that necessary? Preparations can be made ahead of time, systems can be put into place that will assist those who shall be in the path of destruction. It is not a game of chance. No! These events can be easily be predicted by your scientists, and therefore it could be the responsibility of a responsible government to actually care for its citizens, rather than simply allowing fate or chance to intervene.

Those of you who find that you are affected by such natural calamity, or the shifting of energy upon your earth, do not despair, for you also have placed yourself willingly in that situation. It is an experience that you have chosen. It is an experience that your soul requires for its own growth, and while it might be difficult, it might be painful, it might be any number of things, it is experience.
Once again, it is the reaction to an event that matters. Keep that in mind, for frequently, when one is in the midst of chaos, in the midst of a disaster, it is difficult to see past what is occurring. Yet, if you take but a moment to open your heart, to move and act from the heart, then that will make a huge difference for yourself and for all those around you.

Moving to the final quarter of the upcoming year, what is to be expected? Here Joshua will not predict anything, for you see, it is more a matter of how the responses to the first major events of the year will have been. That is what will create the continuation of movement, that is what will allow or necessitate certain events to occur. As said before, nothing is written in stone, the probability with each major occurrence upon your earth changes based on the response of the population. It is how humanity reacts, that will determine your future.