Joshua, about two months ago the Supreme Court in this country (USA) ruled in favor of same-sex marriage, and I was wondering if this event will have any impact in the bigger scheme of things in our country?

It is a natural progression that is occurring, it is the slow realization of your species that discrimination against particular people, or against particular races, against women, against particular ways of being is not beneficial.  It is not something that is useful for the human species as a whole, it does not further your evolutionary pattern to discriminate against one group, such as women, or those whose sexual orientation is different, or whose color of skin is different, or for any of the reasons that have been used over the last hundreds of years to segregate, to separate, to create class differences.  All of those are slowly falling away.  Therefore an easy one in your country has been that of same-sex relationship, for it is no longer an issue.

It is an issue with some people simply because they choose to hold it as such.  They choose to create in their mind ideas that such and such a union, such and such a way of expressing love is wrong, that it is not to be allowed.  However, love is love, and Joshua has said this before, that when two people love each other, they have the universal right to be together.  And who is to say that the system upon your world where one man and one woman get married and remain monogamous in their marriage, that this is the only way?  The only proper way?  As you can well imagine, there are many other worlds where there are different types of unions, where there are different types of commitments, where, in fact, there is not simply a male sex and a female sex, there are variations.

Returning to your question, how the decree affects the growth, the movement of your country.  It is a very positive decision, for, you see, it is inclusive.  It allows yet another segment of your society to be fully accepted, to be fully integrated into the whole.  And that is just one step, and it will be followed by other steps.

Now, you know that there are some areas of your country that yet do not accept this, that feel that it threatens the structure, that it threatens their society.  Again, that is not true, it does not threaten anything, it enhances what is there and it enhances the possibilities that exist.  That way of thinking will dissipate soon, it is not something that can any longer be sustained, for you see, the majority of your population, particularly younger people, know within their hearts that it is wrong to discriminate in that way.  They also know, for the most part, that it is wrong to discriminate against any human being for any reason.

There are of course those who perceive the world differently.  For them the world is filled with anger and with hatred, and for them it is much more difficult to be accepting of others.  It is easier to perpetuate anger and hatred in various forms, and for those people the acceptance of same-sex marriage, as well as nondiscrimination of all people will come with more difficulty.  It is those people who you might say are less enlightened or perhaps have less light within them.  You see, they are simply younger souls, they are not ready yet to find that place, that most of your society is moving into.  Yet, they will, or they simply will fade into the background in one way or another.  It is the path that your world is upon, it is the path of moving toward the light, it is the path of enlightenment, and therefore this is one small step.

Although your country is not at all the first to adopt it, it is particularly important in that there are other countries that do look upon yours for guidance.  Once it is fully established within your country as law for everyone, not simply for certain people, but for the entire population, which is bound to happen sooner rather than later, then other countries will say, what is the big deal.

There are countries on your world where the political and religious leaders use fear and anger to manipulate their populations.  Those countries are sadly not yet ready for the acceptance of all people.  It is in those countries that particularly men who have sex with other men are frequently looked upon with much disdain, they are, in fact, often tortured and killed.  That needs to change, and it will change, however those are also the areas of the world where many other serious social issues and problems exist.  There is great discrimination against many groups, particularly women, and there is great inequality of wealth there, as well as power struggles that occur amongst individuals.  Those parts of the world are the ones that suffer the most, and where light and love should be directed as best one can, without necessarily judging what is occurring.  Simply sending the energy of light and acceptance, sending the energy of understanding, and also that of an educational nature, so that people can realize that perhaps the larger truth is greater than what they are being told by the few in power.  To realize, that theirs is not necessarily the correct path.

To summarize what has been achieved by the Court decision, it is a good step, it is a large step, not simply for the few or many individuals who will take advantage of their new rights, but it is more as a collective step forward, it is yet another step toward the light.