Greetings, friend!  It is a joy to be with you again.  There has been a little bit of time on your world, that has passed, and therefore there has been a flow of energy that has occurred, for you, and for the channel, for your world.  Energy is always flowing, it is always moving, and that is what one must understand, that it is not helpful to remain in one place, to be stuck, to say “this is where I wish to be, I do not wish to move forward”.  For you see, everything else moves forward, and therefore those who remain in one place, they get left behind.  And their experiences become somewhat muted and become less desirable and suddenly seem gray and drab and also very boring.  For they are replaying the same picture tape again and again.  They are not moving into what could be, into what is new, what is exciting, and what is happening for other people.  They are not connecting with other experiences and different aspects of your world.

Joshua is not saying that either one of you do that, but it is simply a reminder, that it is always important to move forward, to find the new and interesting.  To develop and construct upon what has been.  It is almost like learning in school, one class following another.  And so it is with your lives, with your experiences, they simply stack one upon another, they build upon each level.  Therefore, the experience of yesterday will create something interesting for today, and the same for tomorrow, and so forth.  It is not to say that each day in your life will be filled with tremendous excitement and particularly interesting experiences, however when you are open to them, when you are cognizant, when you are allowing yourself to experience fully, within each moment as it occurs, even within the daily mundane, there is interest, there is something that can be fascinating.  It is a matter of paying attention to detail, it is a matter of observing and allowing that to run through your circuitry, allowing that to become one with yourself, and then that observation will trigger thoughts and those will trigger other thoughts, and perhaps some action and perhaps even some energetic movement, and that is what happens.

Even you might wake up at the same time each day and might have a routine that you follow, pay attention to the details, pay attention to what is occurring outside, for you will notice that nature and your world is never the same.  It is always slightly different, there is something happening, or perhaps it is particularly beautiful, as this day is in your part of the world.  It is a perfect day.