Upon your world there is some interest in astrology, in the science of the stars and planets, their alignment and how that affects humans.  While many people dismiss this simply as hocus-pocus, or some antiquated system that was developed prior to scientific knowledge, Joshua would tell you that, in fact, it does have great merit. The skepticism is related somewhat to the problem that many humans have upon the earth, that they consider themselves separate, they consider themselves alone within their shell, within their body.  They do not realize that connections exist.

There are connections between people, not just family and friends, but between all human beings.  They do not realize the connections that all humans have to the earth, for you are of the earth, you consist of materials that are of the earth.  When a body is no longer living, when that spark of life has left, the body simply reverts to being several pounds of minerals and other earth materials, that is all.  This connection that humans have with the earth and with each other, goes even further, it extends out into space, into the universe.  Therefore, there is a connection with the planets, with the stars and their rotations.  Their alignment is in a way energetic, it aligns bodies in a certain way and also it influences them.  It creates for them, various ways of thinking, various ways of being, it also does create the various ways that people express themselves.

There are those who are born under a particular sign who exhibit characteristics that are usually or frequently associated with that sign.  Now, it is not only that, it is simplistic to say that so and so is a Taurus, therefore he or she is stubborn.  That might not be true, however it might be likely that he or she are sure of themselves or that they have a particularly strong personality.

It is possible to view most characteristics either in a positive or negative way, and unfortunately, many people tend to think of their own characteristics as positive and sometimes those of others less so.  That should not be so, for it is simply a characteristic, it has no “good” or “bad” to it.  It is what makes a particular person the way they are, it contributes to who they are, how they act within their lives, how they view the world and how they relate to other people and events.  That is all part of who they are, and should not be judged.

Now, back to the question of astrology, how is it useful to most people?  They can find out under which sign they are born, and more specifically, they can find out the alignment of the various planets at the time of birth, and that will yield fairly interesting and frequently accurate information about how best to lead their lives.  It does nothing to mitigate certain soul contracts or responsibilities that a person might have, however it can be a useful tool for understanding the best and easiest way to go through life, to better enjoy life, to better experience it.

It can also offer suggestions how better to allow others into their life, how better to allow the connections that create community and friendships.  There will be a certain draw, there will be certain attraction that exists between people of like signs, signs that are in conjunction.  There might also be a certain repulsion with people who’s signs are in opposite.

In addition, there is nothing static about how astrology affects humans, for the planets and constellations are ever rotating, their relationships are always changing.  Hence, the affect upon all humans is also always changing.  It can be useful to consult astrological charts from time to time, to receive updated information for yourself, in a new context.

Those are some aspects you can consider when applying this ancient art to your own life.