Joshua, I have a friend who frequently speaks to a woman who claims to communicate with animals.  I’m really not so sure that she really does.  Can you comment on this phenomenon?

Yes, animal communication.  How is it that some people relate so well with animals and other people have trouble understanding even the pets that are amongst you, the cats and the dogs, perhaps the birds, the little fish?  But it is mostly the cats and dogs, let us discuss them, let us discuss your relationship with these beautiful creatures who have come to your earth as companions to many, many people.  They also come also as helpers, as assistants.  And it is more than what you know, it is not only the dog who helps a blind person, as those species of animal are very sensitive to the needs of the humans around them.

Particularly cats are very good at assisting in the healing process. They are very good at taking the energies of disease or illness, and transforming these into something different.  Therefore, do not be surprised if there is a cat in your vicinity, in your home or some place that you visit, who suddenly comes to you, and either rubs against you, or perhaps jumps into your lap, or otherwise starts paying considerable attention to a particular body part.  That is not by accident.  That cat may be sensing that there is an imbalance, it may be sensing that a healing needs to occur in that area, and therefore is facilitating that for you.

And what about the dog?  The dog who knows very clearly the master’s emotional state, who can relate, who can commiserate if necessary, or make happy when there is sadness.  The dog has that emotional connection and capacity.  Granted, not all dogs.  Upon your world certain dogs have been bred to a point where they no longer possess some of the natural instincts.  The instincts that they do possess are specific to a particular task, or are specific to something else.  However, most dogs, especially those that are of a mixed breed, they still have that true animal nature, and they can communicate with you and they certainly can perceive your emotional state, and they assist in the way that they know best.  Comforting and also simply being with the person, their presence being that of a healer.

Some people upon your earth have a particularly strong relationship with these animals, with the dogs and the cats.  Other people have a strong relationship with either one kind of wild animal, or several different kinds, or perhaps even most or all animals.  Those people are sometimes referred to as animal communicators or shamans, or in some societies as the wise women, for they do have the ability to communicate on an interspecies level, across the natural boundaries that connect and support and also define each particular species, the human species being one.

These people have a gift.  They should be encouraged for they can retrieve true and accurate information.  Now, granted, there are charlatans amongst them, those who pretend to that they are talking to your dog, when in fact they are simply making something up, however when you meet the true communicators, they can share with you a great wealth of information.  They can tell you what is troubling an animal or they can assist you in becoming closer to your own pet, or in some cases to livestock or other animals with whom there is a connection, with whom there is an interaction.