Let us speak of those who are suffering from ill health, the kind of ill health that might become terminal to the body, for it does not terminate life, life continues in a grand fashion after a body ceases to exist.  It is very sad for those who are facing that situation, but it need not be.

That is one of the challenges upon your earth, it is that you are required to live mostly blindly, mostly unaware of what transpires outside your dimension, outside of your realm, outside of your world.  There is great nervousness regarding and surrounding the aspect of death and dying.  There is nothing to fear.  It is absolutely an easy process, and every one of you reading these words or hearing them, has gone through the process numerous times.  Mostly many, many times, perhaps hundreds, thousands or even more.  It is simple.  Yet it is your trepidation that causes the fear, that causes the unwillingness to entertain what is next.

Granted, many of you are fascinated by what is next, but not necessarily for yourself.  You are interested in a more abstract way, perhaps for someone else or perhaps for someone you know, who has already passed to the other side, who has left this dimension, who has shed the physical body.  Someone, who has moved into a different phase, a different way of being.

And for those of you who might have had a diagnosis that doesn’t seem to bode well for your long-term future upon earth, Joshua would like to reassure you, please, do not panic, do not fear, do not become overly sad.  Naturally, it is difficult leaving behind your family, your friends, all that you have known, but look at it as an incredible adventure, one that will continue into eternity.

And yet, it doesn’t seem that way, does it?  For many it seems that death will be a finality.  It is not finality, it is only a finality for the physical body, for the three-dimensional shell that you have been inhabiting.  You are something much, much vaster, much broader, and therefore it is time to look upon yourself in that way.  Do not assume that all you are is a mind inside the body.  No, you are a soul who has given life to a piece of flesh.  Perhaps that sounds unpleasant, but in a sense, that is what it is.  Your soul has animated tissue,  cells.  Those of you who have seen a corpse of an animal or a human, you know that it is simply that.  It is a collection of dead cells that no longer have the animation, no longer have a life force.

All of you hearing this, reading this, you wonder, “what am I?”  “What am I truly?” “What am I, if I am to take away the body, and the mind, who is left?”  Yes, who is left?  It is that incredible being of light that lives forever.  It is a spark of the soul, it is an aspect of God.  That is who you are, therefore do not feel sorry for yourself, do not fear for what is to come.

And, while Joshua has specifically addressed those who may be facing a termination of their body sooner, rather than later, this advice is for every one of you.  It is an urging to live each day fully, to be within each moment, to waste not the precious time that you have.  For there is something truly precious about being in a three dimensional body.  Granted, Joshua has told you that you will live forever, you will continue in one form, or another.  Yet at the same time, for every one of you, be it that you will live for a long time yet, or for a shorter period, live today, live tomorrow, for those are the givens.  That is what you know you have available for you.  Anything else is something that is of a mystery, which may, or may not happen.