What is the “spiritual world”?  Are we in it?  It is around us?

That is a very astute question that is also somewhat difficult to answer, for it is a little bit of all of the above, as you would say.  You are part of it, you can never be separate from it.  However, that connection is different for each human being.

The people who have spent considerable energy familiarizing themselves with the spiritual world, with spirituality, and once more, Joshua would point out that this is not religion.  Spirituality and religion are two separate entities upon your world.  However, for those people who have made a conscious effort to delve into the spiritual aspects of life, of death, of other worlds, all of that, for them, the spiritual world and their physical world overlap.  They are able to move from one to the other.

Now, for the majority of the people upon your earth, they are more separate.  It (the spiritual world) is entered in dream states, and sometimes through a religious state, but not as a result of the religion.  It is as a result of a person’s belief system that allows them to enter a spiritual state through a religious practice, which Joshua understands might be difficult to comprehend, however, there is the distinction that needs to be made.

More generally, in the fabric of your universe as a whole, they all overlap, they completely intermingle, for you see, it is not as though the third dimensional world is completely separate from other dimensional worlds.  They all intertwine, they bleed back and forth, there is movement between them.  Energetic movement, physical movement.  Beings other than third dimensional humans, fairly easily can traverse from one to another.

Therefore there is a lot of interconnectivity between what you call your mundane world or your everyday world and the spiritual world.  The trick for people like yourself is to remain ever open, ever aware of where and how the opportunities arise to enter into the spiritual, to bring the spiritual into your world, and to slowly start combining the two.  There are humans upon your earth, they are not many, who do live a completely balanced spiritual and physical life.  They can move freely from one to the other, they can call upon one aspect to supplement the other, to assist in living or also to assist in understanding some spiritual doctrine.

Frequently, when a being is third dimensional, they must rely on their third dimensional senses.  Therefore, as Joshua suggested to you earlier (in a different session), that little trip into the “higher world” by utilizing visualization, by utilizing your physical senses to a point that allows movement into a different realm.  And so it is when exploring certain aspects of the spiritual world.  By utilizing non-physical senses that are attributed to the physical, the non-physical eyesight or hearing, even touch and smell, it is sometimes easier to understand and to maneuver and to traverse through those other dimensions.