Joshua, what are the “higher worlds”? 

It is usually a term that is applied to the worlds that are of a different dimension, that are of a higher vibration.  But really, truly they are not worlds for the most part, they are simply energetic patterns, they are dimensional spheres that can be entered through the mind, or sometimes even through other senses.  They can support life forms in a different manner, they support intellectual pursuits in a different manner.  Also loving energies, as well as energies of certain crystals, certain animals, certain higher vibrations.  Does that make sense to you?  Yes

Let us pursue this a little bit further, how is it that you are so attracted to those worlds?  I found a book and it says “higher worlds”.  What vibration within you has been activated by what has been read?  It is something that I feel like I’ve known before.  That might well be true.  And how is it that you could explore this now, in your current body, in your current phase of development?  I think that I should probably go into a meditative state or in my dreams.

Yes, and visualization would be very helpful for you.  You can visualize certain aspects of this energy.  It will appear to you in your mind in the way that is most appropriate for you to understand it and to enter into it.  By visualizing this world, and we use the term “world” since that is the one that was given to you, by visualizing it in a very comfortable way, a way that can be as fantastic as you wish, you can lead yourself into that space physically.  In your mind, so it is not a true physical, but you can imagine that your body or physical senses are in fact entering into that energetic pattern and therefore you can explore it more readily.  You can explore it with your third eye, you can explore it with auditory senses as well.  You can immerse yourself into that world.  Is that somewhat clear?  Very clear. 

Joshua would recommend this as a very pleasant exercise for you.  It would serve a greater purpose, for it would continue to develop your psychic abilities.