During most of my life, I’ve had a very strong connection to channeling.  As a young adolescent, “Seth Speaks” came to me and I devoured it!  For those familiar with the book, in a way it’s a holy grail of channeling, even in its barely edited and frequently confusing format.  Amazingly, as young as I was, nearly everything that Seth discussed made complete sense.

Over the subsequent years, I would seek out other channeled materials. Emmanuel left a huge impact.  His style was almost the antithesis of Seth’s.  Brief, poetic, beautiful, it still contains gems of wisdom, truth and understanding. In the late 1980’s, I was fortunate to be able to spend a week in a workshop with Pat Rodegast, channel for Emmanuel. To this day, I clearly remember some of what he told me…

There have been other influences as well, among them Barbara Marciniak, Neale Donald Walsh and, notably, Pepper Lewis.

In the early 1990’s I became a Reiki practitioner and was fortunate to be able to develop a very large client base and thus had the opportunity to provide many sessions.  It soon became clear to me, that during and after these sessions, I would frequently start channeling.  After the “hands on” part of the session, I always share information with the client, and during this sharing process I would often say things, discuss issues that clearly were provided by a wisdom greater than my own.

In the late 1990’s, through Sedona Journal, I discovered Pepper Lewis, who in my opinion is one of the foremost channels living today.  Pepper is best known as a channel for Gaia, our Mother Earth.  After reading her articles and channelings for several years, eventually I contacted Pepper for a session of my own.  For some reason, I didn’t want to go “live” with it, so sent a list of questions along with payment and within a short time received a cassette tape in return.  Basically, I was blown away.  Gaia, kindly answered all my questions, and then continued:  “Now let us address the issues that you didn’t ask about.  Those, that are truly important in your life…”  She was 100% accurate, discussing aspects of myself that I considered private and sacred.  She opened my awareness and consciousness to a great pool of wisdom and information.

Over the years, I continued to have occasional sessions with Pepper.  After the first one, we conducted these via telephone and, in a sense, Pepper and I became friends.  In 2010 I was finally able to attend a live channeling workshop and we met in person.  It was then, that I realized that I definitely wanted to learn the art of channeling for myself and signed up for a training in June of 2011.

As we all know, the Universe works in mysterious ways.  As an introduction to my own channeling, I’d like to share a story.  During my late adolescence and early adulthood I became enamored with alcohol.  What began as a fun activity eventually turned into an addiction, and there was rarely a day that I didn’t drink, usually to excess.  In 1987 I realized that I could continue on that path, or shift radically.  For a while, what held me back was the realization that there were “two parallel worlds”, the one that I lived in which was mostly seen through the filter of alcohol and the other one, in which the rest of society operated.  That other world seemed so alien, so threatening.  I had no idea how I would be able to fit in, to function.  It required a huge leap of faith, a lot of trust to move from one to the other.

In a way, channeling, at least for me, was a similar situation.  Many of us believe that there are other worlds “out there”.  Those that are inhabited by the Seths, the Emmanuels, the Pleiadians, the Gaias.  We are mostly comfortable reading their thoughts, even listening to them speak, but we are generally not comfortable entering that space ourselves.  For the most part, we genuinely don’t know how to achieve that.  Ultimately we determine that this is something best left to others.  However, to become an accomplished channel, it is necessary to go there.  It is necessary to trust, that the appropriate connections will happen.

During my channeling training, suddenly I recalled how I felt all those years ago, when I needed to move from one world into another.  How I overcame the fear, how I trusted that I would be ok.  Suddenly, stepping through the veils into the less dense world, the non third dimensional world became less challenging.  It seems that I was able to achieve this easily and organically.

Since the training, I have devoted increasingly more time to the art of   channeling.  I’ve connected with “Joshua”, who is the spokesperson that comes through most often.  By now, we’ve worked together so much, that I feel his energy nearby much of the time.  He comes through whenever I ask, and his wisdom, his sense of humor and his loving kindness are helping me and others move through our frequently complicated, sometimes overwhelming world.

When I turn my body over to Joshua, it’s almost as if I can take a little vacation from the physical.  Granted, I’m still present, somewhere in the background, but generally I simply enjoy that state that’s somewhere between the worlds.  People ask about my experience during a channeling session.  It’s rather like hearing a radio in the background.  I hear what is said, but I don’t actually remember it.  Occasionally, if there is later discussion about something that was said, I can still retrieve it, but it fades quickly.  Sometimes my body moves slightly, rhythmically, when I’m in the trance state, but obviously I’m oblivious to that.  When I first began channeling, I was only able to hold the connection for a short time.  10 minutes, then 15…  Now, with Joshua, a 45 minute session feels easy.  However, when another entity comes through (for whatever reason), the energy is usually very different than Joshua’s and that takes extra effort on my part to keep it going.

In many ways, it feels as though I’ve come full circle from that young man 40 years ago who was totally fascinated by Jane Robert’s channeling of Seth.  Perhaps now Joshua and I can provide inspiration for another generation.