It is a time of spring upon your earth, a time when flowers are starting to poke through the earth, and when trees are showing buds for flower and for leaf, when animals are getting ready to mate, to have offspring.  It also affects the human beings.  Many of you are seemingly outside the natural cycles, no longer are fully aware of the earth’s rhythms and how they affect you.  But, nevertheless, aware or not, they do affect you, for you are an integral part of the system.  You are born onto the earth, you follow the rules and the natural laws that govern your world, and you also cannot be but affected by the cycles of nature.

Let us address for a moment how is it that springtime, the time of awakening, the time of flowering, affects human beings.  For you, this is a time of opportunity.  You are also coming into life, in a way.  You are also about to flower, you are about to bring fruits into creation, you are about to expand.  It is a very good time to take advantage of this natural cycle by incorporating it into whatever it is that any person is doing, is attempting to do, even simply wanting to do.  Now it is easier to expand, to grow, to create, be it professionally, or artistically, or in other ways.  Keep in mind as you stride through your day, that perhaps now is a good time to start a new project or to finish what is outstanding, so that new projects can come to mind.  It is a time of creation, therefore do not hesitate to create something wonderful in your life, for yourself, for someone else, it matter not, for creation is creation.  It releases energies that then attract other creative energies, and the act of creation is the act of life.

It matter not if it is a masterpiece to be hung in a museum, or if it simply be a beautiful meal that has been created for oneself or a loved one.  It is all creation, there is no differentiation in size, it is all the act of creating.