Have I always, my soul, incarnated here on earth?

No, you have had incarnations in other worlds, in other dimensions, however they have all been within this universe.  It is extremely rare that anyone incarnate currently in this universe would have experienced life in another universe. However, you have lived also, a few times, outside of this galaxy. You have experimented, for your soul is ageless, and there have been so many lifetimes, so many experiences, some three-dimensional, others other-dimensional, it is almost impossible to keep track of them all. However your soul would know, your soul would be able to go back, in its own fashion, in a form of memory retrieval, to any one of those lifetimes.

(Are you allowed to tell me how many incarnations I’ve had on earth?) You have had roughly 1000 incarnations but they have not all been in this particular civilization cycle. For what is misunderstood, what is thought by the people upon the earth now, is that civilization started had approximately 10,000 years ago, and prior to that was nothing, was the dinosaurs, was prehistory. But Joshua can tell you, that is not true, the earth is much, much more ancient than anyone currently believes. She has had upon her many different civilizations, different forms of life, not all have been humanoid, but the sentient life has come in different flavors. It is only during this current cycle, this current humanoid cycle, that only humans have had the upper hand. Although there are other sentient beings upon your world, they have retreated into the background. The dolphins and the whales, they no longer play the ruling role as they perhaps once did.