Is there anything you can tell us about the spiritual world, I mean after death?

Yes, that question of what happens after death that is so fascinating to all human beings, for all human beings face death, and that is why it is such a titillating question, what happens? Joshua will also offer a glimpse of what might be expected, however Joshua would like to start the conversation by saying, that even the experiences that occur after life are unique.  As Joshua has discussed before, of the billions of souls upon the earth having their own unique experiences, their own learning, so it is after death as well. There is no one circumstance that is identical. You might say, but this one died in the war in this one was killed in the war, therefore it is a similar circumstance. The circumstance of the death itself, the form of dying, has little to do with the big picture of someone’s life.

There are many reasons why people die, how they die, when they die, early in life, after a long life, those are all aspects of what their life is. The moment of death is simply a continuation of the moment of birth, it is the next step. Imagine if you will that the entire lifetime, be it short, or be it long, is one day, is simply one day. And then there is death, and the page is turned and there is the next day. It is like that. However after death, naturally, it is not being in the third dimensional world. The soul has left the third dimensional body, which simply returns back to the earth, returns to the elements of the earth of which it consists, and the soul moves forward, moves into the next day, whatever is planned, whatever has been anticipated. And for some, it is a deeply religious experience, only because in their previous lifetime, the lifetime that was just finished, it was a religious experience. They believe very much that certain things will happen in a certain manner after death. That is not everyone’s experience, nor is it necessarily the reality of all, or even the true reality. The mind construes and the mind creates, and just as the mind can create realities upon earth while living, the mind also will create realities upon death. Now, what occurs is that ultimately the true reality of how things are begins to shine through.

Let us take, just as an example, a highly religious person. Let us choose the Catholic Christian religion, for that is very dogmatic, it is very severe in how it approaches what is, and what is not. It attempts to define people’s lives by how they should act , what they should or should not do. And therefore those who were fully bought into such concepts, who’s sincere belief is that this is the ultimate truth, that it is the way it is and that there can be no other way, those people can do nothing, but go to heaven or hell. Joshua is not saying that there is a heaven or hell, actually there is not.  It is a construct of the human imagination that says that there is a place somewhere above the earth where angels reside, and where people, who are good, will spend a period of time, sometimes eternity. It is not true, it is not there. However, it will become very real for the person who dies, whose belief systems insist that is how it should be. That person will spend a period of time, remembering that linear time has ceased to exist, so that person will be in his or her heaven for as long as it takes for them to understand, that it is not reality. It is a reality of their own, it is their reality, and therefore we do not belittle it.

However, it is not the universal reality. The universal reality is more interesting, by far. The universal reality where the soul goes, is that the soul moves to another dimension, the soul moves back into an existence that is not encumbered by physical body, an existence that is not encumbered by artificial belief systems. It is an existence that is pure in many ways. It is an existence that allows the soul to honestly see what the previous lifetime has, or has not, accomplished, to determine where and how the soul wishes to proceed with future lifetimes, with other incarnations. Now granted, there are other aspects, there are other issues that might affect what happens next. The karmic paths one establishes in the physical body need to be cleared, as well as other agreements, sometimes referred to as soul agreements between different people, different souls, different incarnations. It is rather complicated scenario. However on that level that is not encumbered by third dimensional constructs, by limitations, it is fairly easy to sort out and to understand and to plan for the future, to plan for whatever will be next. (to be continued in a future posting)