What is the relationship of the earth to the rest of the universe? When I immerse myself in the world, I am overwhelmed with the pain, the violence between people, the cruel treatment of animals. I trust that the glass is half-full, but sometimes I can’t see it. I trust that people are transcending that. Are they?

Your earth that you live upon is indeed a special place. It is a place of opportunity to transcend, it is a place where different ideas, different energies can be explored. It is a place, as you say, of the great violence and other atrocious acts between human beings, that involve animals, that involve plants. At the same time you rightfully point out, that many have transcended those.

The light upon your Earth is very strong. What occurs is that in your media, the darkness sells.  It is that which titillates the population, be it a killer running loose in California or be at some awful storm that has caused death and havoc. Those are the news stories that people enjoy hearing, and therefore that is what dominates the press, it dominates the Internet, it dominates the airways.

However, that is not to say that that this is the majority energy. The majority energy is filled with light, is filled with happiness, quiet joy. It is of human beings ever so slowly moving into the light. They are taking their steps, be the large or be they small. There are fallbacks, people slip. Sometimes they careen down the side of the mountain, all the way to the bottom. However, normally, they pick themselves up and they start over. They resume climbing.

And so, upon your world, perhaps you can view it as a ladder, where everyone is climbing and some have climbed higher than others. The death, the destruction, the violence that is so apparent, is still there, but it is almost as if it were at the base of the ladder and most people have nothing to do with it. They are above that. They look down on it, but there is still some connection to that energy, and therefore it creates for them an excitement, “oh yes, such and such has happened, isn’t it awful?” It is awful, however it has nothing to do with them. They are above that. They do not experience that in their life. And were it not for the media, for the television, for the radio, for the Internet, they would never know about it. You see, those events are somewhat isolated, there may be one incident, and yet everyone upon the earth knows about it, and it affects them. It pulls them back down the ladder. It might even pull them down a rung or two, if they get too involved emotionally, in what is occurring. It has nothing to do with them. They would be better off not knowing about these things, and focusing instead upon their own needs to move into the positive, to move into the light, to move into the lovingness that they are.

It is not to say that many or most people are going to be great leaders or great teachers or great expanders of the love energy. No, they simply will live their life in a way that is good, and kind, and loving. They may have different political beliefs, they may have different religious beliefs, and so it is. That does not make them bad people, it simply makes them who they are. Therefore it would be useful for you also, to separate yourself from the negativity that is a floating around in that way. You are well above it, and it has nothing to do with your personal life.

Granted, there are areas upon your Earth that are still very tumultuous, they are filled with chaos, there might be war. But if you look closely, it is very, very few individuals who were actually partaking in these actions. The majority, the vast majority of people, of the populations, wants nothing to do with that. They simply want to live their life in a way that is reasonably comfortable for themselves and for their families.