What exactly is telepathy?  Is it common?   

It is energy, you see, it is energy that does not flow through the physical senses, it flows in other ways and it is simply a matter of opening to it. Generally speaking the human species has somewhat advanced telepathic abilities. Not all, but many, and certainly the two of you have advanced capability, and you utilize it frequently.  It is a matter of training to open to that energy flow. This energy flow is one of those invisible energies, it is like microwaves that will heat water. It is not a direct heat, however it can bring a liquid to boiling. And therefore one may say that it is magic, it is not real, suddenly the cup of water is boiling.

It is like that (with telepathy), there needs to be the proper reception and all it requires is an openness and the ability to start searching for those signals, to open to them. They are everywhere. Not everyone sends them and not everyone receives them, and there is also the natural blocking that occurs. For you see, it is not an invasion of privacy when one opens or receives those signals, there is permission granted on a deeper level.

(Where is the sensor through which the energy enters the body?) This sensor is in the center of your body, it is the solar plexus area. You see, the chakras are somewhat misunderstood, they serve more functions than is thought. It would also be important to know that the telepathic energy does not flow through the brain. Many people attempt somehow to direct the flow into the head and that is not the way that he wants to flow, and it is making a detour, and therefore that is not the best way.