Joshua, the channel, we were discussing about life in the universe. I understand that there have to be other life forms. Are there any other human beings in the universe? 

Yes, naturally there are other life forms or Joshua would not be speaking with you! The human species upon earth is a particularly odd situation, for some reason they have decided to become separate, to imagine in their collective mind, that they are alone. And it is preposterous to think that one small planet within the entire universe consisting upon millions and millions of stars and billions of planets could have but one inhabitable planet. However, be as it is, that is how the human mindset has been for a very long time, not always, for in your past there was an awareness of other beings. It was other beings who came to your earth and actually helped to create the current civilization, but there have been previous civilizations as well, going back numerous times.

But to the present now.  It is obvious that the population at large is able to handle the information that you are not alone, that there are other humanoid other three-dimensional species in your universe, in fact, in your very close proximity.  And therefore your scientists are suddenly determining, as if for the first time, that in fact planets that could easily maintain third dimensional human life exist everywhere, as they do.

Now let us address what it is that you are searching for, you collectively, the human species.  Naturally there is the interest to find other human beings, other humanoids.  They exist they are all around you, however they dare not yet show themselves to the humans upon earth, because the humans of earth are so violent that it is feared that they would not (the others) survive.  That is why there still is the secrecy of around them.

However, back to your question, there are many different types of life forms.   They are three-dimensional and they are other-dimensional.  As you well know, Joshua comes from another dimension, we come from the fifth dimension. There are other three-dimensional life forms, many.  There are humanoids, there are the so-called reptilians.  There are others that are the avian species, those that resemble birds upon your world, and there are those that resemble different types of mammals on your world.  There are many, many, many life forms, it is not an exaggeration, what you see in some of your science fiction movies.  They exist in their own worlds, in their own civilizations, on their own paths of evolution.  It is not that the human way, it is not that the way of the Earth is the only way, by any means.

There are all different sorts of paths, there are the paths of exploration that involve duality, such as upon your earth, which is a duality of light and darkness, but there are many, many different types of experiences.  Simply consider for yourself as a human being, what all the different human beings upon your earth are experiencing.  The billions of people each have their own path, they have their own experiences, they have their own learning, they have their own growing.  So it is also with different species, different civilizations, different planets, different galaxies, different universes, all have their own way of being.  Joshua hasn’t even attempted to address non third dimensional beings, for it becomes ever more complicated and ever more interesting.

For now, suffice it to say, it appears that soon enough, shortly in your linear time, during this time of change, quite likely during the next year, that there will be a contact, official contact, from other species to your species.