In my home I’m surrounded by religious images, statues, paintings of Saints, of Christ, the Virgin Mary. The Virgin Mary, I am attracted to her. Is the Virgin Mary from Lourdes, from Fatima and other places, real? 

The energy of the Virgin Mary, the energy that she represents, is very powerful.  It is the same energy that has been referred to by other names.  It is actually, in some cultures, the energy of the earth, it is the mother energy, it is the feminine energy.   It has simply been formed into a particular persona that is referred to as the Virgin Mary in one culture.  Naturally it is such a powerful energy that it cannot be contained by one image, by one perception of it.  However the perception is strengthened by the fact that millions, if not billions of people feel very attracted to it.  It is the possibility to establish, to give a physical image, to give a physical story to that arch-type, that energy that precedes human civilization.

Therefore what you ask, whether it was real, whether it was there, yes, it was.  That energy could be manifested anywhere, however what occurs is that as a result of one person’s or group’s image or vision, or of some other powerful event, the energy strengthens and attracts more people to that particular place, to that energy, and they lend credibility and more energy to the experience.  Therefore it builds upon itself.

Joshua would like to point out that every human living upon the earth carries within himself or herself a piece of that energy.  It is almost like a piece of your DNA, it is part of how you have been constructed, you cannot be on earth and be without it.  Therefore, that is your attraction (to the energy) also, for you carry somewhat more feminine energy in you, than some other males, but also because of your spirituality.  It is your openness to connect with those energies within you, as we discussed in the last session.  You have the openness to perceive, and therefore you perceive that Virgin Mary energy as it resonates from within you and as it resonates from others, as it resonates from certain stories, and as it resonates from those places that have become holy, in a way, simply because there has been so much energy and so much attention, loving energy and loving attention, placed there by so many people.

(Are the visionaries selected by this energy or are they able to tap into the energy?)  It is a little bit of both.  Normally, simply, they are able to tap into it, and there are stories of peasants, uneducated peasants, usually women or girls, tapping into that energy.  Frequently a male tapping into that energy will manifest it slightly differently, and it will not come through as the energy of the mother earth or the Mary, or however it wishes to be defined.  It will come through as perhaps the energy of a saint.  Perhaps like Saint Francis, who had a connection with all of nature, with wildlife, you see those are the different aspects of how that energy manifests.