Is there a secret government?

Ah, a question from the channel who is a big on these conspiracy theories! But in fact, to some extent there is. The word “government” might not adequately cover the ideas and the actions behind what occurs. It is not as it seems, it is not that when the democratic countries elect their governments, these are the people who actually run the show. In some ways they do, but in many ways they do not.

There has already been written, many times, by many individuals, theories about how the corporations rule the world, and it really boils down to money. Many trillions of dollars are what rule your world.  It is not real money, for you see, it has real no real basis.  However because of the way that your society is set up, money, for many, equals power and power equals the ability to manipulate others, and therefore there are those beings, there are those individuals, for whatever the reason might be, and those reasons are also different from person to person, obtain these positions of extreme wealth. Wealth that is unimaginable by the majority of people, and it is not because they need it. They are doing so because for them that is the power, that is what they require to survive, to exist. And so it could be said that they are the secret government.

However on the counter side, it really truly the people, it is every individual human being, the billions of you who inhabit the earth, who have the true power. If you were not so readily happy to give it away, to say: “I myself can do nothing, that is why I elect these people.” Whether they serve your needs or not becomes irrelevant, for then you can wash your hands and say: “it was not my fault, I had nothing to do with that.” However, conversely, when you assume the power, when every single individual assumes a little bit of power, and then you come together, that is when the miracles can happen and probably will happen. That is when the shifting, that is when the changes can occur. So, rather than worrying about a secret government that is pulling strings behind the scenes, it is better to focus upon the ability of every human being working together with the neighbor, and the brother, to create change. This is the power that will dictate what happens upon your earth in the future.