Are there going to be major “earth changes”?

There may, or there may not be. And that is not very satisfactory answer for most people, but the energy flux upon your earth is so incredibly complex at this time. A lot of the earth changes, the very permanent sort of changes that are probably what you are thinking of, as in earthquakes, the sinking of continents, or of major volcanic eruptions, those, for the most part are being handled energetically by some of the severe weather that is occurring. For instance, the hurricane that recently devastated parts of your country, that was able to dissipate a huge amount of energy. It also resulted in destruction as well as loss of life, and while that is tragic, and that is sad, it dissipated some of the energetic need for the earth as it is shifting itself. Therefore, a storm like that is able to defer a different kind of energy shift, one that might have been an earthquake that would have claimed many more lives.

The probability of major earth changes is somewhat slighter than it has been in the past. It is not to say that there will not be any, however the devastation that was once forecast for this year in fact, that simply will not occur.