Joshua, why are so many people on earth living in such terrible conditions?

Your earth has many different places, different geographical areas and climates. You have areas that have much more financial wealth than other areas. You have areas that suffer from natural calamities. You have governments that are reasonably good for the population and you have governments that are absolutely awful for the population.

People choose, in a way, where they will be living a particular lifetime. It is not as though petals were strewn into the water and landed randomly somewhere. No, you see, choices are made prior to birth, and therefore an individual might choose to live in Africa, in a state where the government is terribly corrupt, where diseases such as AIDS and malaria are rampant, where the life expectancy is very short, where there may not be adequate food.

And so, for you, and for most people reading these words who do not live in anything close to these conditions, you would say: “but why?” Why would anyone choose that?  But there are reasons, and there are good reasons. There are karmic reasons, and that is a balancing. Most of you know about karmic balancing and therefore Joshua will not dwell much upon that, but just simply understand that, in fact, it is true. Karmic balancing, especially at this time upon your world, is very critical. It is critical for souls to come into balance so that they might move forward and get off the merry-go-round of lifetime after lifetime after lifetime.

There are other reasons as well. As awful as those conditions might seem to some, when a soul first enters the human experience it needs to live in fairly simplistic situations. The very complexity of modern society for a new soul, for one that might not have had very many human incarnations, is overwhelming. Therefore, they choose circumstances that are less complex, where in fact life revolves around the basic needs of gathering food, of surviving, and of having family. Do not feel that there is no joy. Sometimes there is more joy in those situations, but for those of you who live with plenty, in fact who live with an over abundance of material objects, of money and anything you might wish, it might not seem that way.