Joshua, I have a friend who says that her whole life feels as though it’s stuck in a rut. She’s given me permission to ask for your guidance on that matter?

There are many, many people upon the earth right now who indeed at times feel “stuck in a rut”, as you say.  It is most important to examine what the karmic consequences might be for any individual. What is it, that is not being fulfilled? How is it, that the soul does not feel satisfied with the progress, perhaps, that the individual human is, or is not, making? For you see, upon your earth you have free will, and free will dictates that the individual has a great deal of say in the direction that their life will take. And although there are so-called soul contracts written prior to birth, and the bigger picture of a lifetime is perhaps drawn, there are many, many different smaller issues that come up on a daily basis for every individual, and these must be addressed.

Your friend, who is in a rut, what can she do? She can examine what it is, that makes her content and what does not bring contentment. An honest examination of that sort will reveal many aspects of how the soul and the personality are interacting, whether in fact the personality and the ego are following through on the soul’s desires of what should be, or if they are working against it.

For your friend, it is also quite likely that the employment situation is not to her liking.  Many upon your world feel that they must take jobs for specific reasons that might include money or prestige, and frequently these do not actually reflect the needs of the soul.  It is said, that when one follows one’s heart, then true happiness can be achieved, and that is also the case with employment. If one is not happy doing a job eight or more hours every day, five days a week, that is a tremendous waste of energy, and will not bring satisfaction. And you ask, how is it possible to change the profession or to change the job. It is not that difficult, those blockades are frequently set up by one’s own mind.  One’s personality says: “Oh, I cannot do that, it will not bring me enough money or that will not bring something else,” but how does one know without trying?

That is one of the challenges upon your earth, frequently people do not even try, they do not experiment, do not make changes, for they are driven by fear, the fear of lack. So it is best for your friend to simply let go of all those fears, to step back and to say to herself, what would make me most happy? How might I move forward? What will make me soar and fly like a bird? And in fact, if she listens closely, those answers will come quite readily.